Alternative  Dob driver setting

There is an alternative way to install a Dob driver II motors (sold by Tech2000) than the one used on the page "Dob driver and Roboscope". Charles Starks has installed this system on an Obsession. The goal is to keep the inherent smooth movement and have tracking of any given object. The azimut motor doesn't take the place of one of the Teflon pads of the base but  rides on the base disk edge. This enables one to have a much lighter base than the one required for the typical installation.




Charles has used a 1/4 inc thick disk of aluminium. It's probably also possible to use  a plywood disk with a polyamide covered edge.



The engage/disengage system is simple and really good. It also provides good pressure to assist the tracking mechanism.



Teflon pads on the altitude tracking side have been changed for longer, but narrower pieces, in order to have the same area as before, while providing enough room for the knurled drive wheel. This enables one to use a Dob Driver II and keep good manual motion and feel.



This picture shows the integration of the motorization. Encoders are also visible. Charles uses "Sky Commander" like encoders that enable him to find any target using a DSC type computer, or a laptop and planetarium program, such as TheSky T.  Once found, the Dob Driver II after 40 seconds of centering, keeps the target dead centered.  Dob Driver II also comes with an optional software program called Roboscope T that commands the motors to go to a target and then track it (independently of the DSC encoders) and without having to do 40 seconds of centering.  Roboscope T requires the use of a laptop.