• Stages developpement et marketing/community manager sur Stellarium (Web et Mobile)

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    voici 3 offres de stages pour travailler sur divers aspects de Stellarium, principalement sur les versions web et mobile. Les offres sont rédigées en anglais mais vous pouvez y répondre (et travailler) en francais!


    Fabien Chereau (créateur de Stellarium)



    About us
    Stellarium Labs develops and publishes apps and other products related to astronomy and more specifically on Stellarium, the leading open source planetarium used by more than 20 million users since year 2000.

    Our goal is to upgrade Stellarium, a now venerable 18 years old project, into a state-of-the-art astronomical engine providing an accurate night sky simulation based on potentially gigantic amounts of online imaging and sky objects catalogs. We are also actively working on porting Stellarium on a large range of devices such as mobile phone, web browsers, and IoT devices.

    Since 2011, our main product, the award-winning Stellarium Mobile is one of the leading iOS and Android planetarium simulation app.
    We also recently released the first release of stellarium-web.org, Stellarium running in the web browser.



    Toulouse (France), or Taipei (Taiwan) or remotely
    Duration: 3 to 6 months
    When: starting from January 2020
    Send applications to: contact@stellarium-labs.com


    Internship 1: Creation of a multi-resolution and HDR full sky survey


    Goals of the internship:
    Our products related to night sky rendering (stellarium-web.org and apps Stellarium Mobile) currently display images from the full sky originating from the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS), a sky survey completed at the beginning of the 2000’s. In order to improve the realism of our products we would like to re-create our dataset (several hundreds of GB) based on more up-to-date data sets.

    Main missions and responsibilities:
    • Make a review of the existing sky surveys and evaluate whether they match our needs.
    • Design and implement an image processing pipeline allowing to generate the wanted data.
    • Modify the rendering engine to integrate the new data set.
    • Develop the rendering code for seamlessly displaying HDR (High Dynamic Range) images within the rest of the sky simulation.


    About you:
    You are a student in Software development, Image processing or Astronomy with the following skills and qualifications:


    Required skills:
    • Good level in Python and C on Linux
    • Understanding of basic astronomy concepts
    • Good level of English

    Wished skills:
    • Qt, Web development, android/iOS programming
    • Interest in Astronomy and/or photography


    Allowance: 600-1000 EUR / month



    Internship 2: Implementation of soft drivers for telescope motors


    Goals of the internship:
    Our mobile products related to sky rendering (Stellarium Mobile apps) allow to control telescopes using the simple LX200 and NexStar serial protocols. We would like to extend these capabilities to telescope mounts exposing only lower level motor control API, such as SynScan UDP protocol or PMC-Eight Mount System. Such low-level APIs require the app itself to implement a telescope mount physical model, and to deal with the procedures of mount alignment and calibration.


    Main missions and responsibilities:
    • Perform a review of the existing low level protocols and define the execution plan
    • Design and implement a new class of soft driver (JavaScript) as well as the required I/O code (in C/C++)
    • Test and validate the code on real telescope hardware, in the lab and in the field
    • Contribute to the definition and implementation of the related GUI


    About you:
    You are a student in Software development, Electronics, Astronomy with the following skills and qualifications:


    Required skills:
    • Good level in C/C++ and JavaScript programming on linux
    • Experience with embedded systems
    • Good level of English

    Wished skills:
    • Qt, Web development, android/iOS programming
    • Interest in Astronomy and/or embedded development


    Allowance: 600-1000 EUR / month



    Internship 3: Marketing or Community Manager assistant for web and mobile astronomy products


    Goals of the internship:
    We are looking for a candidate who will assist us at promoting our astronomy products on the web or in social medias. This includes increasing our visibility on app stores and search engines, as well as improving the quality of our editorial and visual content.
    The candidate will also engage with our clients, either by doing online support (less than 10% of the time) or by doing market studies with the ultimate goal of contributing to the definition of a strategical road map for our products.


    Main missions and responsibilities:

    Marketing manager:
    – plan and organize promotional campaigns on app stores, and other mediums
    – improve our products visibility in the app stores and perform SEO of our website
    – perform market studies and contribute to the definition of our marketing road-map

    Community manager:
    – write news articles, updates and how-to on social networks and our mailing list
    – moderate our users forums, reply to clients requests
    – manage content on our website (word press)
    – optionally, write content related to astronomical observations or astronomical targets

    Other tasks:
    – Write user’s documentation
    – Manage app and website translations

    The job’s missions can be adapted depending on the profile of the candidate.

    About you:
    You are a student in Digital Marketing or Communication with the following skills and qualifications:


    Required skills:
     • Proven understanding of digital media platforms and businesses
     • Good knowledge of SEO, marketing with ads platforms (Google Ads etc.)
     • Excellent level of written and spoken English
     • Independent, creative and ready to learn (and teach) new things
     • Basic knowledge of Astronomy

    Wished skills:
     • Graphic Design, Video editing
     • Web development and basic Web administration
     • Passionate about astronomy would be a plus


    Allowance: 600-1000 EUR / month

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