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NGC 7293 - Helix
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Image Data

Designation NGC 7293, Helix Nebula,  Bennett 129
Constellation Aquarius (Aqr)
Description This remarkable object is the nearest and largest (15'x12') planetary nebula as seen through amateur instruments.  The blue central star is mag 13.6 and only 500 lightyears away.

See also a higher resolution image taken through a 14.5" Cassegrain telescope.

Exposure RGB 30:30:60 min @ -25C
Camera SBIG ST-10XE selfguided + Astronomik Type II LRGB Filterset
Optics Astro-Physics AP155EDFS @ f/7.2 (prime focus)
Mount Astro-Physics AP1200GTO
Software MaxIm DL/CCD, Registar, Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Location - Date - Time San Esteban (Chile) - 02Aug2002 - 06:00 UTC
Conditions Transparency 8-9,  Seeing 5-6, Temperature -2C