A.R.A.S Spectral  Data Base
  Number of spectra   5 Name Nova Mus 2018       Conditions for use of data in publications  
  First Spectrum   16/01/2018 Group Eruptive Stars         Please read    
  Last Spectrum   07/02/2018 Sub Group Novae                  
            = PNV J11261220-6531086         List of Observers        
                  send spectra to : francoismathieu.teyssier [at] bbox.fr    
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  # Date Time (UT) J.D. Observer Site Instrument Resolution l_min l_max Exposure (s) File Flux Zip Serie Validation Plot
  1 16/01/2018 11:23 2458134.982 BHQ ARM-AU LHIRESC1135umsli 15477 6521 6690 1203 asdb_novamus2018_20180116_475.fit         plot
  2 18/01/2018 11:17 2458136.978 BHQ ARM-AU LHIRESC1135umsli 15660 6521 6690 1203 asdb_novamus2018_20180118_471.fit         plot
  3 23/01/2018 11:10 2458141.976 BHQ ARM-AU LHIRESC1135umsli 15860 6521 6686 1807 asdb_novamus2018_20180123_466.fit         plot
  4 05/02/2018 11:45 2458154.997 BHQ ARM-AU LHIRESC1135umsli 15604 6521 6686 1203 asdb_novamus2018_20180205_490.fit         plot
  5 07/02/2018 11:31 2458156.987 BHQ ARM-AU LHIRESC1135umsli 15362 6503 6675 1203 asdb_novamus2018_20180207_480.fit         plot
  Conditions for use of data in publications  
    Note there is a first level validation check prior to adding spectra to this table. Users should verify the quality of the spectra with the observers concerned.      
  Use of these data in research publications is encouraged subject to the following conditions:      
  * The observers concerned should be contacted to confirm the particular acquisition and data reduction procedures used.      
  * Observers contributing  should be aknowledged      
  * Observers contributing a significant amount of data or whose data are pivotal to the findings of the paper should be included as co-authors.      
  *ARAS group should be aknowledege with a reference to the database      
  Please contact François Teyssier      
  francoismathieu.teyssier [at] bbox.fr      
  before submitting the publication