new B emission star survey


This survey try to find new emission star. But we also try to study new emission star published like APOGEE star list:
One goal of this project is to elect some of these stars with the help of professionnal astronomer to official Classical Be star (CBe) and add these stars in the Bess Database.
Basicly a Be star is a star with a spectral type B who was already observed with a Ha line in emission. But in fact some classical Be star have spectral type O,B,A and even F0. Look to bibliography for a more detailled definition.
Below, you can find Classical Be star candidates from various observer of ARAS group, observation of know emission star, a list of potential target and a list of already observed star.
Low resolution spectrum can be use to detect the emission line, but we need high resolution spectrum to confirm low resolution observation.

We communicate alert, make discussion on the ARAS Spectroscopy sub forum dedicated to Be Search

New Classical Be candidate

We observe a emission line for these stars. But we do not find any publication which describe an emission. These stars are today not included in Bess database. H,K,V magnitude are from CDS SIMBAD
Namemag Vinfrared
Observation Date in UTObserverCommentResolutionplotfits file
BD+03 3861 8.63+0.062014-10-05T20:09:51Thierry Lemoult603plot_bd+033861_20141005_840_Thierry Lemoult.fits
BD+28 4177 9.86-0.072014-09-14T20:25:43Thierry Lemoult724plot_bd+284177_20140914_851_Thierry Lemoult.fits
BD+54 2775 9.60+0.042014-10-14T03:49:17Thierry Lemoult592plot_bd+542775_20141014_159_Thierry Lemoult.fits
BD+57 2581 10.08+0.142014-09-11T21:06:58Thierry Lemoult556plot_bd+572581_20140911_880_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-06T22:25:47.020Thierry Lemoult11000plot_BD+572581_20171106_934_3600_TLE_34.fits
BD+58 310 10.292014-09-28T21:41:09Thierry Lemoult670plot_bd+58310_20140928_904_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-07T01:44:50.348Thierry Lemoult11000plot_BD+58310_20171107_072_3600_TLE_34.fits
BD+59 2675 10.34+0.202014-09-10T21:48:39Thierry Lemoult393plot_bd+592675_20140910_909_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-10-31T23:22:40.270Thierry Lemoult11000plot_BD+592675_20171031_974_3600_TLE_34.fits
BD+60 133 9.54+0.082014-09-26T22:06:48Thierry Lemoult587plot_bd+60133_20140926_921_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-07T00:38:21.198Thierry Lemoult11000plot_BD+60133_20171107_026_3600_TLE_34.fits
BD+60 2523 9.94+0.122014-09-11T21:53:16Thierry Lemoult544plot_bd+602523_20140911_912_Thierry Lemoult.fits
BD+60 2645 9.42+0.012014-10-21T18:17:50Thierry Lemoult590plot_bd+602645_20141021_762_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-06T23:32:11.679Thierry Lemoult11000plot_BD+602645_20171106_980_3600_TLE_34.fits
BD+63 1964 8.49+0.122014-09-10T22:01:36Thierry Lemoult409plot_bd+631964_20140910_918_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-01T03:50:07.758Thierry Lemoult11000plot_BD+631964_20171101_159_3600_TLE_34.fits
HD12243 7.99+0.022014-09-30T22:54:22Thierry Lemoult576plot_hd12243_20140930_954_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-10-31T21:25:38Olivier Thizy11000plot_HD12243_20171031_893_OTH_34.fits
2017-11-01T02:43:37.608Thierry Lemoult11000plot_HD12243_20171101_113_3600_TLE_34.fits
HD16485 6.59+0.062014-09-28T00:01:39Thierry Lemoult568plot_hd16485_20140928_001_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-10-25T22:12:28Olivier Thizy11000plot_hd16485_20171025_925_OTH_34.fits
HD179793 8.64+0.062014-10-05T20:30:03Thierry Lemoult613plot_hd179793_20141005_854_Thierry Lemoult.fits
HD191494 8.742014-10-13T22:32:25Thierry Lemoult590plot_hd191494_20141013_939_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2015-06-04T23:24:11Thierry Lemoult11000plot_hd191494_20150604_975_34_Thierry Lemoult.fits
HD225859 9.11-0.022014-10-03T23:50:30Thierry Lemoult575plot_hd225859_20141003_993_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2015-06-05T01:43:29Thierry Lemoult11000plot_hd225859_20150605_072_34_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-05T18:52:52.588Thierry Lemoult11000plot_HD225859_20171105_786_1200_TLE_34.fits
HD237126 9.48+0.072014-09-09T23:52:55Thierry Lemoult396plot_hd237126_20140909_995_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-01T01:37:23.029Thierry Lemoult11000plot_HD237126_20171101_067_3600_TLE_34.fits
HD253928 9.14+0.042014-10-21T02:53:45Thierry Lemoult584plot_hd253928_20141021_121_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-01T00:29:55.679Thierry Lemoult11000plot_HD253928_20171101_020_3600_TLE_34.fits
HD44783 6.22+0.042014-10-22T02:54:01Thierry Lemoult602plot_hd44783_20141022_121_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-07T02:51:15.790Thierry Lemoult11000plot_hd44783_20171107_119_Thierry Lemoult.fits
HD9878 6.71+0.032016-10-31T22:20:24Martineau

Star already publish as emission star

We observe a emission line for these star. We find past publication which describe the emission.H,K,V magnitude from CDS SIMBAD
Namemag Vinfrared
Observation Date in UTObserverCommentResolutionplotfits file
BD+64 106 10.23+0.092014-09-25T22:43:34Thierry Lemoultemission line signaled in Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications (Skiff, 2009-2014)597plot_bd+64106_20140925_947_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2014-09-27T23:04:03cbuilemission line signaled in Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications (Skiff, 2009-2014)48933plot_bd+64106_20140927_961.fits
HD151067 7.192014-10-01T21:44:30Thierry Lemoultemission line signaled in Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications (Skiff, 2009-2014)716plot_hd151067_20141001_906_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2014-12-02T17:56:35Leadbeateremission line signaled in Catalogue of Stellar Spectral Classifications (Skiff, 2009-2014)

Balmer emission check on APOGEE list

These stars are part of the APOGEE list star. The reference article is here H,K,V magnitude are from CDS SIMBAD
Namemag Vinfrared
Observation Date in UTObserverCommentResolutionplotfits file
2014-10-12T20:25:22Thierry Lemoult544plot_hd189847_20141012_851_Thierry Lemoult.fits
HD219523 7.17-0.002014-09-26T23:57:26LeadbeaterHa line in
2014-09-27T01:07:46LeadbeaterHa line in absorbtion.15913plot_hd219523_ABE-98_ha_respcor_telrem_helcor_20140927_047_Leadbeater.fits
HD336562014-12-05T22:59:31LeadbeaterHa line in
HD34906 9.20+0.042014-09-28T03:44:48Thierry Lemoult586plot_hd34906_20140928_156_Thierry Lemoult.fits
HD40724 6.36+0.012014-10-07T03:12:57Thierry Lemoult531plot_hd40724_20141007_134_Thierry Lemoult.fits
2017-11-16T01:42:01Olivier Thizy11000plot_hd40724_20171116_071_34.fits

Submit Be candidate spectrum

Send me any candidate new emission star. I will published it on this web page. Email me your fits file at this adress: thierry dot lemoult arobase gmail dot com

Please follow these rules:

To be or not to Be

Following the work of Andrew Smith posted on ARAS forum here
Here some criteria that would allow the identification of classical Be stars from the more general categories of B stars showing emission. This is based on paper: Classical Be stars" by Thomas Rivinius et al Astron Astrophys Rev (2013) 21:69.

These criteria need to be discuss.
Criteria to Be
  1. Shows Balmer line(s) in emission (or has done in the past).
  2. Non super-giant star.
  3. High resolution spectra of Balmer lines does not show P Cygni or inverse P Cygni profiles.
  4. High resolution spectra do not show forbiden emission lines.
  5. Does not show a strong infrared excess. Allen & Swings 1976 AA 47 293-302 are quoted in The Astrophysics of Emission-Line Stars by Kogure & Leung as saying "The H-K color takes the values of -0.1 - +0.5 in ordinary Be stars."H and K value can be checked at CDS SIMBAD or 2MASS catalog.
  6. Does not have a Roche lobe filling companion.
  7. Does not have variability in which the circumstellar environment shows variability with strictly the same period as the photosphere.


  • The frequency of Be Stars, Jaschek, 1983
  • Classification of Be Stars, Jaschek, 1980
  • APOGEE star list article
  • To be completed...

    Survey target list

  • List currently used by Thierry Lemoult, extracted from SIMBAD 6<B mag < 10.9
  • List of non giant B stars ( V < 10) from Simbad

    List of already observed star

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