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Information letter Supp n° 2 15-03-2015
- Compilation of Steve Shore's notes for ARAS group in 2013 & 2014


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____ 2019 _________________________________________________________________________________


Information letter n° 42 - 2019-02 supp1 11-08-2019

RS Oph monitoring before the next nova-type outburst
Augustin Skopal & Natalia Shagatova




Information letter n° 41 - 2019-01 18-05-2019 (7 Mo)


198 spectra of 23 symbiotic stars at resolution from 500 to 15000 were obtained during 2019-Q1 by 18 observers.
AG Dra is monitored before the expected outburst in 2019. At the date (2019-05-18) no sign of outburst has been detected. AX Per soon after the oulet of its eclipse has been detected in strong classical outburst, characterized by the weakening of high emission lines [Fe VII]. CH Cyg is in low luminosity, several spectra has been obtained during a short flare. V694 Mon, in high luminosity, has been monitored at high cadency during the season. The profiles of Balmer and Fe II lines is unusual with a classical P Cygni profile and the disappearence of the broad blue absorption lines.

Mysterious 5018 line in the spectrum of AG Dra in outburst
François Teyssier

TCP J05390410+4748030 Dwarf nova in outburst
Paolo Berardi, Lorenzo Franco

New Online Database of Symbiotic Variables
Jaroslav Merc, Rudolf Gális, Marek Wolf

Spin, angular momentum,
and how they govern your spectra

Steve Shore



____ 2018 _________________________________________________________________________________


Information letter n° 40 - 2018-04 24-11-2018 (5 Mo)


A new spectrum of nova Sct 2017 in nebular phase obtained by James Foster


202 spectra of 26 symbiotic stars at resolution from 500 to 15000 were obtained during 2018-Q4.
AG Dra has recovered its quiescent state after April 2018 outburst. CH Cyg has been monitoting at a high cadency during its monotically decline from mag V = 6.4 early august to V = 8.5. More than 700 spectra of CH Cygni are now gathered in the database. First spectrum of the poorly studied EF Aql in the database. Spectra of the new symbiotic Hen 3-1768 detected within the context of the program "suspected symbiotic stars" show strong He II l 4686 and Raman OVI 6830. The new symbiotic star HbHa 1704-058 observed during its decline show increasing raman OVI band (EW = -3.3) while [OIII] and [Fe VII] remain very weak if present. V694 Mon, at high luminosity (V ~ 9) , presents unusual shape of Balmer and Fe II lines: the common broad absortion is replaced by P Cygni profiles at much lower velocities (maximum of absorption ~ -100 km s -1). The protypical Z And returns to quiescent state after the outburst which occured in January 2018.

The music of the spheres
Steve Shore

Information letter n° 2018-03 24-11-2018 (9 Mo)


We present spectroscopic observations (R = 500 to 15000) of 4 novae during 2018, 3rd quarter.
Nova Sct 2017: in nebular phase, shows quick and strong changes at a short time scale, noticely high excitation lines such as He II or [Fe VII].
Nova Lup 2018: discovered on June, 3rd
Nova Sct 2018: discovered on June, 29th was identified as a nova by Umberto Sollecchia and Olivier Garde on June, 30 th (ATel#11802). The spectroscopic development is described using ATels#11802, 11826, 11859 written by Steve Shore for ARAS group.
Nova Oph 2018c: By means of high cadency monitoriring, the helium flash is precisely dated (2018-08-29) and an unexpected weakening of helium lines is detecyed on 2018-09-08

Spectroscopy with Omicron 1 m telescop in southern France
Olivier Garde, Pascal Le Du, Bertrand Guegan

Miscellanous notes: MWC 560, Recurrents, Narrow lines in novae
Steve Shore

Conference Small Telescopes - Tatranskà Lomnica (Slovakia)
F. Teyssier

Information letter n° 2018-02 12-08-2018

Jaroslav Merc & Rudolf Gàlis:
The fourth hot outburst of AG Draconis during present active stage
Steve Shore:
More on thermometers and photospheres
A tale of two transitions: Ca II and O I
Uwe Zurmül:
Transmission grating in convergent beam


Information letter n° 2018-01 30-04-2018

Steve Shore :
Physical temperatures and fluxes of the ionizing sources
in symbiotics, novae, ...


____ 2017 _________________________________________________________________________________

Information letter n° 2017-08

Information letter n° 2017-08 30-11-2017

Steve Shore:
The gorilla in the room: magnetic fields

Information letter n° 2017-08 Sup. 3 XX-12-2017
CH Cygni in 2017


Information letter n° 2017-07 30-11-2017

Paolo Berardi:
Some long-slit observations of the symbiotic star R Aquarii

Steve Shore:
Analytical methods: a tutorial on stellar atmospheres

Information letter n° 2017-07 Sup. 2 22-10-2017
R Aqr Campaign

Information letter n° 2017-07 Sup. 1 07-10-2017
R Aqr Campaign


Information letter n° 2017-06 01-08-2017

Augustin Skopal:
On the stellar wind from hot components in symbiotic binaries
Steve Shore:
Nova Sct 2017
IRAS 17449+2320 and other misdemeanors
Supernova spectra


Information letter n° 2017-05 29-06-2017

AG Dra Campaign, Rudolf Gàlis
Steve Shore:
Novae: the effects of dust formation on line profiles
Absorption line fine points: the Balmer decrement and the terminal absorption velocity

Information letter n° 2017-04 06-05-2017

AG Dra Campaign, Rudolf Gàlis
Call for Spectroscopic monitoring of V694 Mon, Adrian Lucy & Jeno Sokolovski
Steve Shore:
Common envelope, mergers, and booms

Information letter n° 2017-03 10-04-2017

AG Dra campaign Rudolf Gális, Jaroslav Merc & Laurits Leedjärv
Steve Shore:
Ejecta, Winds and Jets


Information letter n° 2017-02 05-03-2017

Steve Shore:
Molecules in your spectra
Some new targets: the B[e] stars, an introduction

Information letter n° 2017-01 31-01-2017

Steve Shore:
Some fluid notions and motions
Some comments about CH Cyg and SU Lyn

____ 2016 _________________________________________________________________________________

Information letter n° 2016-09 08-01-2017

Information letter n° 2016-08 12-12-2016

Disks, Steve Shore
Filckering or not flickering? F. Teyssier

Information letter n° 2016-07 15-10-2016

Steve's notes:
Nova Lup 2016
Late stages of novae: some new results
Inferring structure from symbiotic star line profiles
Analytical techniques: Equivalent widths for absorption and emission

Information letter n° 2016-06 18-09-2016

David Boyd : Phase dependence of emission line flux in the spectrum of V1329 Cyg
Peter Somogyi : Observations of V Sagittae
Steve Shore : Binary stars, atmospheric eclipses, absorption line studies, and the ζ Aur stars
Steve Shore :V Sge

Information letter n° 2016-05 15-07-2016

Analysis Techniques Steve Shore
A note on stellar winds in symbiotic binaries Augustin Skopal

Information letter n° 2016-04 16-05-2016

SU Lyn, new symbiotic star

Information letter n° 2016-03 19-04-2016

Jets and collimated flows, Steve Shore
AX Per in ouburst
T CrB : superactive state

Information letter n° 2016-02 20-03-2016

Interactions of flows and environment, Steve Shore
V694 Mon high state, AX Per outburst, T CrB "supeactive state"

Information letter n° 2016-01 21-02-2016

On quiescent and active phases of symbiotic stars:  A first glance to the AG Peg outburst, Augustin Skopal
When winds collide, Steve Shore

____ 2015 _________________________________________________________________________________

Information letter n° 2015-10 15-01-2016
A small tutorial on spectral types, colors, and effective temperatures, Steve Shore : secondary
AG Peg : secondary outburst in 2015 (F. Teyssier)
CI Cyg : long term monitoring (F. Teyssier, J. Guarro, D. Boyd)
V404 Cyg : second outburst in 2015 (P. Somogyi)

Information letter n° 2015-09 20-12-2015
On symbiotics, novae, and active galaxies: Spectra and structure, another way to think about connections, Steve Shore

Information letter n° 2015-08 01-11-2015
Comments about Novae and Symbiotics observations in October, Steve Shore

Information letter n° 2015-07 09-10-2015
The current CH Cygni active phase Emergence of unforseen hydrogen line profiles by Augustin Skopal
Absorption lines, abundances, and atmospheresby Steve Shore
The ARAS spectroscopic data base by François Teyssier, Christian Buil, Olivier Thizy

Information letter n° 2015-06 06-09-2015
- Eclipsing systems as probes of atmospheric structure by Steve Shore

Information letter n° 2015-05 19-07-2015
- Nova Sgr 2015 No. 2 forms dust: the event and the physics by Steve Shore

-A photo-ionized nebula observed around the dwarf nova PNV J03093063+2638031 by Paolo Berardi

Information letter n° 2015-04 31-04-2015
- A note on applicability of low-resolution spectra of CH Cyg by Augustin Skopal
- Some comments on the currents beasts (Nova Sgr 2015B, Nova Sco 2015, …) by Steve Shore

- Now back to the discussions of winds and lines by Steve Shore

Information letter n° 2015-03 31-03-2015
- A comment on the recent evolution in the line spectrum of CH Cygni by Dr Augustin Skopal
- The events during the optically thick stage by Dr Steve Shore
- Spectroscopy of comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) by Paolo Berardi

Information letter n° 2015-02 28-02-2015
- More on Plasma Diagnostics and Line Formation ‐ ionization freeze‐out in more detail (Dr Steve Shore)
- Spectroscopy of planetary nebulae ‐ 150 years later... Olivier Thizy, François Teyssier

Information letter n° 2015-01 31-01-2015
- Introduction to CH Cygni campaign (Augustin Skopal)
- MWC 560 = V694 Mon = ? (Steve Shore)

____ 2014 _________________________________________________________________________________

Information letter n° 2014-012 31-12-2014
- Ungoing observations of Nova Del 2013 and Nova Cyg 2014
- CH Cygni campaign (Dr Augustin Skopal) : first results
- Balmer line formation and variations in Symbiotic Stars
and a comment on abundance determinations (Steve Shore)

Information letter n° 2014-011 30-11-2014
- Ungoing observations of Nova Del 2013 and Nova Cyg 2014
- CH Cygni campaign (Dr Augustin Skopal)
- SS443 : SS 433 = V1343 Aql: The prototypical Galactic jet source (Steve Shore)

Information letter n° 2014-010 11-10-2014
Comments about Nova Cyg 2014 in nebular phase by Steve Shore

Information letter n° 2014-009 07-09-2014
More on spectra and line formation Application to symbiotic stars and composite spectra By Steve Shore

Information letter n° 2014-008 11-08-2014
with notes from Steve Shore New notes on spectra and line formation, on the regularities of line spectra
and the regularities of atomic structure - Isoelectronic sequences

Information letter n° 2014-007 06-07-2014
with notes from Steve Shore about symbiotic stars and accretion phenomena in binary systems (4) and Nova Cyg 2014

Information letter n° 2014-006 31-05-2014
with notes from Steve Shore about symbiotic stars and accretion phenomena in binary systems (3) and Raman Scattering

Information letter n° 2014-005 28-04-2014 with notes from Steve Shore about symbiotic stars and accretion phenomena in binary systems (2)

Information letter n° 2014-004 14-04-2014 with notes from Steve Shore about symbiotic stars and accretion phenomena in binary systems (1)

Information letter n° 2014-003 30-03-2014 with notes from Steve Shore about Nova Del 2013, Nova Cen 2013 and Nova Sco 745

Information letter n° 2014-002 16-03-2014

Information letter n° 2014-001 07-03-2014


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