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EXview 2005XAL Video Camera Modification

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First i want to thank's 'Vincent AUVRAY' & 'Celine ERMOIN' who helped me a lot in translating all those webpage about the 2005xa mod :o)))

After Jon Grove's discovered how to modify the 1004x video camera (usable for long exposure in astronomical imagery), Steve Chambers adaptated it through a modified video/USB adaptor (USB Live here). Then I wanted to test this with another black & white video camera using same ULTRASENSIBLE Sony EXview sensor : the 2005XAL :o)

To visit Steve's and Jon's web pages, click on these links...
Jon Grove's 1004X video camera modification
Steve Chambers' USB interface
(BIG THANKS to Steve for authorizing me to reproduce its electronic diagrams. ;o) )

Find here the constructor caracteristics of this wonderfull little video camera... :
Camera N/B EXview 2005XAL

Image Sensor : 1/3" EXview HAD CCD SONY
Effective Pixel : 500(H) X 582(V)
Cell Size : 9.8 .(H) X 6.3 .(V)
Min. Illumination : 0.003 Lux
(F/#2.0 , f=3.6mm, Video output 40 IRE)
S/N Ratio : 45dB or More (AGC OFF)
Gain Control : Automatic
Shutter Speed : 1/50 ~ 1/100,000 second
Power Supply : Regulated DC 12.0V
Consumption Current : 110mA (At DC 12V) Max.
Reverse Polarity Protection : Yes
Lens Mount : Fixed Lens Mount
Operation Temp. : -10~50
Preservation Temp. : -30~80
Dimension : 31(W) X 31(D) X 29.5(H) mm
Weight : Approx. 50g

Let's move on to some tests results :
High res. test, 5 sec exposure with the original lens, enterlaced mode, amp off. The notebook screen is the only source of luminosity...
added to the lamp post of the corner street behind the shutters !!!

Same as before but the Binning mode is 2x1...

Back to the Hi-Res mode, 20 seconds exposure...
(I didn't see anything in the room except notebook screen and light behind the shutters )

Dark 20 seconds, Bin 2x1, Amp normal (resize 50%)

Dark 20 seconds Bin 2x1 Amp off (resize a 50%)

Let's move on to the modification :

DISCLAIMER !!! I'm not responsible for damages you could cause to your equipments (Computer, Video Camera and USB Live interface) because of errors in realizing this project.

Components list :

- 1 2005XA Video Camera , Lens Type
- 1 "USB Live" video/USB Converter (Hauppauge)
- 3 small relays 12 Volt (Reed relays if possible)
- 6 Diodes 1N914 or 1N4148
- 3 Condensators 0.1uf ceramic
- 11 Resistors 10Ko (or a heigth 'train' resistors 10ko + 3 normals)
- 1 Potentiometer 10Ko (to be soldered on PCB (small one))
- 7 Resistors 470 Ohms
- 2 Resistors 100Ko
- 2 Condensators 2.2uF electrolytic (polarized)
- 1 CI SN7406
- 1 CI 74HC74
- 1 CI 74HC123
- 1 CI 74HC08
- Very thin wires
- Wire (same as phone cable wires)
- 2 male 9 pins connectors ( serial port )
- 2 Female 9 pins connectors ( serial port )
- 2 Meters of cable ( 6 conductors plus ground )
- 1 21 pins parallele connector ( to plug in computer parallele port )
- 1 electronic tests board ( about 10 x 6 cm )
- 1 Box for electronic management part
- 1 aluminium box for the video camera
- AND lots of patience....... ;o)

As an option you can add an aluminium radiator to the video camera box, a power supply connector for +12volt in electronic management, 2 0.1uf ceramic condensators and a regulator 7812 for a polarized 12volts power supply, a 3mm red led and a 2.2ko resistor to check 12volts power supply status :o)

2005XAL Mod :

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USB Live Mod :

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Management Box :

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