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Special version Meade LX90/#909APM Guiding Interface

Here is the specific LX-90 version of my interface, autopowered by a modded #909APM to use my interface without the 9volt battery :o)

WARNING !!! i'm not responsible for any damage to your APM, Scope or Computer, if you are not sure of doing this interface and cables correctly !!!

Here is the "Open Prototype" of the specific LX-90 interface....
Not a lot beautiful, but fully functionnal !!! ;o)

Let's first see the electronic shematics of the #909APM powered interface :

Here are the "special" components of the interface...
From left to right:
8x10Ko resistors train, ic4066B, ic78L05 and APM type connector

Also needed :
8 resistors 470 Ohms
1 resistor 1 Ko Ohms
1 red LED (3mm diameter)
1 on/off switch
a 6 wires phone type cable to go to the CCD port
a 4 wires + ground type cable to go to the // port
1 // connector

Here is the mod of the #909APM to power the interface :

The connector from the interface and the #909 modified APM...

On this side of the APM printed board, you must solder the ic78L05 :
pin 3 to the +10volt
pin 2 to the ground...

On the other side of the APM printed board, you must solder a wire between :
from pin 1 of the ic78L05 :
to point 1 of the printed board...
(the point 1 of the #909APM is not connected to anything on the printed board before the mod)

That's all !!!
You now have a full options #909APM to power the interface :o)
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