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We are little group of amateur astronomers and telescope makers from around Antwerp (Belgium), who organise every year a journey to the South of France, where we can observe the sky under great conditions. This homepage shows the results of our astronomical trips.

Since 1998, we go to the "observatoire de Saint Véran". This observatory is situated near the village Saint Véran in the French Alps at an altitude of 2970 meters. The observatory is equiped with a wonderful 62cm f/15 Cassegrenian Telescope. Most of the results presented here are made using this instrument and a CCD- camera. The observatory is organized and maintained by the Association AstroQueyras.

A little overview of the four sections. In the section Information, you can find information about us, reports of our missions, information about the observatory, its instrument and the Association AstroQueyras, information about the techniques that we use and links to articles and home pages that we have used to get started in the CCD world. In the next section, CCD Planetary Images, one can find our planetary Images. The deepsky Images can be found in the next section CCD Deepsky Images, and in the last section, Astrophotography Images, one can find our astronomical Images made with a traditional photo camera and lenses.

!!! New on this site !!!

  • Enjoy the observatory landscape from Stellarium. Download the file saintveran.zip (7MB), unzip and read the instructions in the readme.txt file.
  • A dairy of our mission 12-20 September 2009. click here

Diaries of our previous messions are also available on this site:

  • A dairy of our mission 8-16 September 2007. click here
  • A dairy of our mission 26 August 2006 - 3 September 2006. click here
  • A dairy of our mission 24 September 2005 - 2 October 2005. click here
  • A dairy of our mission 9-17 October 2004. click here
  • A dairy of our mission 18-27 October 2003. click here

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CCD Planetary Images

CCD Deepsky Images


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