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People who participated to our missions:
  • Jean Bourgeois
  • Erik De Sonville
  • Paul Deswert
  • Pol Goffart
  • Walter Laukens
  • Koen Martin
  • Sven Reyniers
  • Hugo Riemis
  • Dominique Suys
  • Tom Van Remortel
  • Jan Vantomme
  • Pierre Vingerhoets

The missions:

Longitude: 6°54'24" East
Latitude: 44°41'52" North
Altitude: 2931m.
Some images of the observatory:
sterrenwacht1 - 69 kB
View from the top
sterrenwacht2 - 55 kB
The observatory
sterrenwacht3 - 40 kB
The unique environment
telescope1 - 52 kB
62cm f/15 telescope
Panorama as seen in the summer from the observatory:

panorama_zomer - 173 kB

Panorama as seen in the winter from the observatory:

panorama_winter - 212 kB

Some pages about the association AstroQueyras, the observatory at Saint Véran and other teams who has made a mission to the observatory:
These pages have helped us to get started into the CCD-imaging world:
Some links to software that we use:
  • Christian Buil's IRIS software
    a nice and free application for Windows to preform the basic processing with some some advanced features, like Lucy-Richardson deconvolution, DDP, trichrometry
  • IRAF project homepage
    an advanced and professional image processing application for UNIX.
  • FITSview
    a basic FITS image viewer for various platforms (like Windows and UNIX).

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