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Variable Stars Observer 


Version 3.0 beta 

A new beta version is available that include the folowing change:
VarObs is now part of Skychart.
Modified for new AAVSO files format.
User files now in same directory as Skychart.
Improved configuration dialog.
Can use local time for the observations.
Work with Skychart version 3.0 on Windows and Linux.

You can download this new version from Skychart V3.0 web page
Be sure to install Skychart and the last binary snapshot.

Old version 2.3 

This free software help you to plan and log variable stars observations.
This is not a data analysis software, please don't use it for that. 

You can look at some screen shot and program features.

System requirement:
  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
  • 640x480 screen display (800x600 or 1024x768 recommended)

Download Variable Stars Observer 2.3 :  

varinst.exe  ( 1.4 Mb updated  February 27 2005 )

Source code is available under GPL license

Upgrade notes: If you already run a previous version please note the following:
Beware this is a full install that may replace some of your file, as a general precaution rename the sample files before to use them. Take a backup before to upgrade!
The AAVSO QuickLook format as changed as a result the program may issue an error message when you try to open an old file. To avoid that erase the content of the quicklook\ folder.

Files in the const\ directory are ephemeris input files by constellation for 16'000 stars from the GCVS. Beware that the origin date for this ephemeris is far from now and the precision may suffer of that. Then this files must be considered as examples or starting point only.

New functions for the version 2.3 :

  • Change format of AAVSO Quicklook.
  • Add AAVSO Chart display.
  • Column are resizable.
  • Minor cosmetic change .
  • New license: GPL .

This program will never exist without the ideas and the patient debugging from Hans-Goran Lindberg.

Take also a look to the Obsvar program by Laurent Corp , it help you to select stars from the AAVSO Bulletin using various criterion. Despite the web page is in French it is possible to use the software in English, look at the bottom of the page.

Send email to the author Patrick Chevalley if you have any remarks, questions or suggestions. 


Last update :  February 27 2005