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Last modification: June 17, 2004

Landrum Haddix (a QuickAudine clone)

Vincent Steinmetz (tips and measurement performances)

Benoît Maugis (tips about the Audine electronic - very useful !) 

Raphael Odet (a simple shutter)

Helmut Gobkes (Audine & QuickAudine clone)

Robert Soubie
(power supply - AlAudine project)

Thomas Jäger (power supply, temperature controller, motorshutter, hermetic case)

Cyril Cavadore (Ethernaude interface - the Aude Ethernet project for Audine)

Thierry Maciaszek (QuickAudine USB interface (1))

Christian Buil (QuickAudine USB interface (2))

Michel Pujol (AudiNet : a Ethernet interface)

Suzy Jackson (a custom Audine with USB interface) 

Cristobal Garcia (Ethernet controler for Audine)

Sylvain Rondi (many tips)

Pierre Charpentier (hermetic Audine + shutter)

Jean-Luc Duhamel (new mechanical design)

Jacques Michelet (alimentation)

Alain Maury (add of a video shutter)  

Nicolas and Guy Detienne (video shutter)

Cistobal Garcia (a newlook Audine in Spain)

Natanaël Berger (an efficient shutter)

Claudine Rinner (tips about Audine)

Konrad Horn (water cooled Audine camera)

Christian Buil (spectrography & color imagery)

Blair Batty (Canadian site and discussion list)

Jean-François Mourron (suburban observations)

Pedro Ré (moisture protection)

Patrick Dufour (boitier pour le grand-nord ! - anti-givrage)

Vincent Letillois (Audine "custom")

Vincent Letillois (color imagery)

Jacques Meyer (power supply)

Pierre Thierry (shutter)

Philippe Baudouin (shutter)

Francois Cochard (shutter - cool modification)

John Hills (an Australian Audine)

Jean Montanné (moisture limitation)

Kenn Lynch (DRACO shutter)

Bernard Dalstein (obturateur à cristaux liquides)

Albert van Duin (use of the Audine camera)

Rick Smith (Genesis project)