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Audine is a CCD camera specifically designed for astronomic observations. The design has been developed by a team within the AUDE Association (Association des Utilisateurs de Détecteurs Electroniques) with the primary consideration being the needs of the amateur astronomers who wish to have a high performance, low cost, and powerful tool for their observations. The solution to these objectives is to provide the camera as a kit to be integrated by the astronomers themselves. 

The AUDE Association recommends companies with the potential to provide some of the more difficult elements of the camera. However AUDE provides, within this WEB site, all the necessary information to build the AUDINE camera.Technical design choices have been made so that the AUDINE CCD Camera may be used by most amateur astronomers, and not just a few that are highly skilled in electronics and software development.


AUDINE is much more than simple camera hardware. For  example, you will discover that the camera comes with powerful image acquisition software that has some advanced new features. All the data are available so that, if you so desire, you can write your own software programs. The capability to remotely drive both the AUDINE camera and the telescope has also been taken into consideration. 

To summarize, AUDINE is a complete system for todays amateur astronomers. In addition, it is an open and evolving system.  Your comments, compliments, and constructive criticism allows everyone to take advantage of the improvements engendered by these remarks.

In designing the AUDINE system, we try to make the CCD technology accessible to everyone. We try also to make AUDINE an educational tool and a forum for exchanges about amateur CCD astronomy. 

These are the primary goals of the AUDE Association. We hope you'll take pleasure in building and using your own AUDINE camera.  Enjoy the wonders of discovery with AUDINE !

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