Front side of the camera, seen from inside. Optional heating resistances are shown in black.
Front side of the camera, seen from outside. Four holes can be seen, making it possible to attach a filter holder. On the side, one of the 2 threaded holes designed for attaching the camera on a stand such as a camera tripod.
Central body of the camera.
Dissipator seen from fan side.
Dissipator seen from inside.
Thermic drain.


Name Quantity Material Comments Supplier
Front side 1 Au4G Black CAO
Optical window 1 Glass Diameter: 50 mm - Thickness: 3 mm
Glue 1 Silicone glue Glue Optical Window/Front side
CHc M4x8 screw 4 Stainless steel Seal four M4 holes STAM
Central body 1 Au4G Black CAO - Square (80 mm x 80 mm) section tube ALMET
Dissipator 1 Au4G Black CAO - Profiled heat dissipator WA212-0B (RS 177 1804) Radiospares
Fan 1 Pentium type - Enlarge the 4 attachment holes to D=5mm O10C
Steel screws 4.2x25.4 4 Stainless steel Fan/dissipator attachment STAM
Peltier module (30x15x3.2) 1 CP1.0-63-05L Radiospares
Heat grease 1 CCD/Drain/Peltier/Dissipator Radiospares (ref. 160-9030)
Drain 1 Au4G
Screw C M3x10 6 Nylon Dissipator/Drain attachment STAM
Set of electronic boards with CCD 1 Audine CCD camera
Kit of screws for a Sub-D connector 4 Electronic (DB15/DB25)/Dissipator attachment Radiospares (ref. 160-0409)
Screw C M2,5x10 2 Nylon Drain/CCD attachment STAM
M3 25 mm M/F metal brace 4 Mounted on dissipator Radiospares (ref. 125-6024)
Screw FHc/90° M3x30 4 Stainless steel Front/Body/Dissipator attachment STAM
Screw CHc M3x6 2 Stainless steel Heating resistance/Front attachment STAM
Note: CAO = Chromic Anodic Oxidation
Name Quantity Radiospares reference
Film resistance 20W - Type RTO 20 - Body TO220 - 10 Ohms 2 201-9680
LM335Z - Body TO92 1 159-4685
To attach the Audine camera quickly onto a telescope, it may be useful to make a interface part with 31.75 diameter. For a diagram of this part, click here.
Audine interface - 31.75 mm diameter.