Go to the Window mode by clicking the Window Tab. The interface and the functions of this mode are very close to the standard mode. The main difference resides in the availability of a new dialog zone so that you can enter the coordinates of the CCD zone to be digitized. The coordinates must be expressed in pixels with the origin at (1, 1) in the bottom left corner.

If the Fixed option is selected, you can only enter the coordinates manually. On the contrary, if it is not, you can enter coordinates either manually or by selecting a zone in the current image. To achieve that, simply drag the mouse to draw a rectangle while keeping the left mouse button pressed. Note that it is therefore mandatory to have exposed a full frame image before performing this operation. Such an interactive selection allows you to digitize only a region around an interesting object. After having isolated the object with the mouse, it is recommended to check the Fixed option in order not to accidentally unselect the region.

The window coordinates depend on the chosen binning factor. For example, if the binning factor is 2x2, the coordinates will be comprised between 1 to 384 on the X axis and 1 to 256 on the Y axis. Finally, note that values where X1 > X2 or X2 > X1, for instance, give the same result.