Thirteen people have contributed to the creation of Project AUDINE. On the field, this team has often been playing in the following way:

Team AUDINE was organized along three main lines: the Left Wing, known as the Electronic Wing, the Right Wing known as the Programming Wing and Central Mid-field for the Mechanical Design.

In goal, we have Pierre THIERRY, whose bald head should remind you of another famous French goalkeeper from World Cup '99. Good old "Uncle Pierre" tried to be innovative kicking his ideas up the field. Since February 1998 he has replaced the ball by a sack of grain!

In defense, Valérie DESNOUX and Philippe DEVERCHERE provided several ideas for software programming. The strategic position of "Aunty Valérie" on the left wing must also be mentioned. The duo of Franck VAISSIERE and Jean-Noël MOREAU, in center mid-field, kept us all fed with new ideas and help while keeping an eye on the project.

At Center Half position, just as talented in central heating as he is in "chaînes de cotes" Thierry MACIASZEK enabled the Team to come up with a few solutions to keep enemy number 1 at bay:- Frost ! Our skipper and captain: Christian BUIL. Since playing on the left wing wasn't enough for him, Christian was often seen providing some new ideas on the Right Wing. Expert in "papinade" (no way to translate that, sorry...) Christian could also be found thwarting the patience of his opponents by his spectacular tactical field switches. On the Right Wing, Alain KLOTZ, another CCD veteran, was the craftsman for new ideas with regard to software concepts. Mostly supported by those before him, his forward passes did not always find their mark, but he did help with certain decisive actions.

Up front in attack, Raymond DAVID, never worried, knew perfectly well the strategy of his opponents by checking their specs in large and thick catalogs, exploiting all passes that came his way, even the most delicate. Denis MARCHAIS was the Rookie, with the freshness of youth. Charging headlong body and soul into the complexities of computer programming, he more than once succeeded in gaining the advantage over everybody's opponent: the famous (or infamous?) Mr. Bill G. Last but not least, Robert DELMAS, our powerful Striker with millimetre accuracy, the Maestro of Best Estimates and Order Forms, chief shooter for any free-kicks, visionary of the original AUDINE Project, no opponent can match him!

Needless to say, during the running of Project AUDINE, there were a few walking wounded, some periods of fatigue and some moments of inactivity. To overcome all this, the Team had its Substitutes. The inimitable nonchalance of Richard SZCZEPANIAK, who came on the field for the second half, allowed us to get ahead of the famous Bill G. for several seconds and to play for time as well. Finally, Jean MONTANNE, transferred from a neighbouring club to Toulouse, brought with him an observer's know-how which perfectly overcame the actions of his principal three-footed adversary and who shot exactly where he was told !

It should be noted that, in accordance with the rules of the Sports Committee, the AUDINE Team Members have all successfully passed a dope test. However, they can occasionally be caught opening a bottle or two of fine red Bordeaux (AOC)!!