My telescope is presently a 130mm (5") f/6 Astro-Physics APO refractor. These instruments produce pinpoint sharp images with very high contrast.
APO refractor is the most beloved by both astrophotographers and visual observers.

My mount is an AP 900GTO from Astro-Physics.

My CCD camera is a QSI 690 WSG8 from QSI Imaging equipped with a WSG8 filterwheel with internal guider outfitted with Baader-Planetarium L,C,R,G,B,Ha,S2,O3 filters

Focusing is not a simple task to do, I'm very satisfied with the LakeSideFocuser focuser and the wonderful Focusmax V4 software.

I'm now taking my evenings imaging session fully automated tanks to CCD AutoPilot5

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My permanent setup
-AP 130 EDF refractor
-APM-TMB 80 f 6
-AP 900GTO mount
-SBIG STT-8300M and CFW8-G

-AP 900GTO mount.

Focuser motor

LakeSide Focuser .

QSI 690 CCD camera
CWG8 filterwheel.

-APM-TMB 80mm f6

Former setup.
AP 900
AP 130EDF,FT10ME CCD CFW9 filterwheel

Former setup.
AP 1200 QMD
FS2 GoTo sytem,AP 130EDF,ST7 ME CCD



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