IC 1795


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Bright Nebulae in Cassiopeia

About this Object

IC 1795 is located about 7,500 light years away toward the constellation of Cassiopeia. It is a part of the rich and spectacular nebular complex IC 1805 The Heart Nebula.

More informations are available at the APOD:2006 October 3 webpage

Technical Data


130 mm f/6.4 Astro-Physics EDF Refractor


Astro-Physics AP 900GTO.

Camera SBIG ST-10XE.
Filters SBIG CFW8A.With Astrodon LRGB Ha filters
Focuser Robofocus focuser and Focusmax software
Dates August 2006.
Location Lentin Observatory
Exposure L+Ha: R+HaGB = L:60mn,Ha:90mn,bin1;R:66,G:60,B:72 minutes.bin2. Scale 1.69^s/pixel
Acquisition Image data acquired remotely using ACP4 Observatory control software., MaxIm DL 4
Processing MaxIm DL 4, Photoshop CS2, Registar,

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