Virtual Moon Atlas

Independant reviews

  Beware ! Are only mentionned here the main articles about VMA. A search engine like Google, Yahoo, Allthe web...) using words as "VMA", "Virtual Moon Atlas" plus "review" can indicate you numerous reviews realized by dynamic amateur astronomers associations.
May 2006 VMA is presented in the professional Bulletin of the "Lunar and Planetary Institute" of Houston.
February 2005 The french amateur astronomers magazine Astronomie magazine " prsents in its February 2005 issue a paper by Erwan Tanguy presenting VMA version 2.1 and says that "it's an interesting free software and even remarkable".
May 10th 2003 "SKY and TELESCOPE" presents, in its June 2003 issue, a Gary Seronik article ("Three for the Moon" page 54) comparing two others lunar mapping softwares with VMA and which is also very positive for VMA.
April 15th 2003 "Astronomy magazine " presents, in its May 2003 issue, a Richard Bartlett's article comparing two others lunar mapping softwares with VMA and which is very positive for VMA.
February 2003 Comparative review by Chuck Taylor, from " Lunar observing Yahoo group " presenting pluses and minuses of the three principal lunar software on the market including VMA.
January 2003

American magazine "SKY and TELESCOPE" briefly presents VMA in its article "Hot Products for 2003".

December 2002 VMA Review on Thierry Lombry site
November 2002

French magazine" CIEL & ESPACE "quotes VMA in a remarkable article about " Apollo 17 " mission.

October 2002 VMA review on Rod Mollise site ("SKYWATCH " founder).
September 10th 2002 Article by Jacques Zufferey in the SAVAR bulletin (in French).

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