Virtual Moon Atlas

Screens copies of various VMA versions


"Light" Version

"Ephemerisis" thumbnail
Zoom X 5 with "Phase" and "Eyepiece" field display
"Newtonian" vision

"Geology" map / "Information" thumbnail / Zoom X 6

"Notes" thumbnail
Zoom X 1 (Min) / "Regular"
Presenting full Farside

"Basic" Version

"Tools" thumbnail
Zoom X 12 (Max) / "Regular"
With 2 pictures windows and short display of indiced craters

"Informations" thumbnail
Zoom X 6/ "Newtonian" orientation
with maximal libration showing "Mare Orientale"

"Expert" Version

Zoom X 2
/ Regular orientation

Presenting a centered Mare Orientale

"Clementine 2000 m"texture
Zoom X 12 (Max)
/ "Regular" orientation

"Information" thumbnail / Plato area

"Aerograph" texture
Zoom X 10
/ "Orbiting" orientation

"Tools" thumbnail / Satellisation with Copernicus at horizon

Screen showing :

Qfocuswith live webcam up and left VMA "Basic" or "Expert" version down and right
Driving console for mount up and right

"Pro" Version

Texture "Clementine 500 m"
"Altitude overlay"
/ Zoom X 10 "Informations" thumbnail / Moretus area

"Clementine 500 m" texture
"Natural color" window +
"Enhanced color" second window
Sinus Iridum area at Zoom X 7

"Aerograph" texture
Dual window with"Geology" overlay
and "Iron repartition" overlay
Zoom X 5

"Aerograph" texture
Dual window with "Altitude overlay"and
"Gravimetry / free air effect" overlay
Zoom X 5

with "Altitude"
texture, "DATLUN" window and new buttons

"DATLUN" window

("Pro" version 3.5)

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