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Snapshot Save as Print selection
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Observatory Language Databases

"Display" thumbnail

Map display Colors Marks and labels

"Databases" thumbnail

"Databases" boxes    

"Textures" thumbnail

"Interpolation textures" box "Near Side textures" frame "Far Side textures" frame
Texture choice    

"Overlays" thumbnail

"Show overlay" box "Overlays" scrolling list Overlays display
"Transparency" cursor    

"Pictures" thumbnail

Pictures windows number Pictures directories

"Eyepieces" thumbnail

Eyepieces list Eyepieces parameters  

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Printer setup button Printing format Printed documents
Maps printing    
"Help" menu
Help Glossary Encyclopedia
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"Zoom" cursor
"1:1" button
"Center" button
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"Full globe" button
"Libration" button
"Phase" button
"Neighbor" button
"Picture" button
Pictures library "Picture" window  
"Database" button
"2nd Window" button
"Map" window
Topographical map Full globe map Map move
Mouse right click    

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"Search" scrolling list "Find" button "Find next" button
"Outline" frame    

"Database" window

Official name Formation type Formation period
Size Description Observation
Position Atlases Name origin

"Ephemerisis" thumbnail

Date and hour "Special hours" buttons "Videorecorder" buttons
Moon phases calendar "Ephemerisis" window

"Terminator" thumbnail

"Interest" scrolling list "Instrument" scrolling list "Sort" buttons
"Notes" thumbnail

"Tools" thumbnail

Distance measure Lunar disk rotation Mirror picture
"Orbit the moon" frame "Telescope" frame  

"Settings" thumbnail

"Penumbra" cursor "Diffuse" cursor "Direct" cursor
"Resolution" cursor "Open GL infos" button "Next startup options" frame
State Bar
Coordinates display Date and hour display  

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Copyright (c) 2005 Christian Legrand and Patrick Chevalley

If you have any questions or remarks about the software, you can contact Patrick Chevalley. If they are about the database, functions or pictures library, please contact rather Christian Legrand.