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After a few years of waiting, I finally decided to update my web page and start posting the (long) backlog of images I took with my new telescope.

On the picture above, you can see the state of the 18 inch Newtonian as it was a few months back, the scope is now rebuilt on top of a trailer which I can use to bring my equipment to dark sites.

Click on the image above for more details on the setup


New images :

Waterfall fragment

Ngc 2683

m27 H-Alpha

Ngc 4565

Dragon nebula

Elephant Nebula

Another Dragon nebula at prime focus this time

bubble nebula

IC 1805

Crescent nebula


Older images


  Object Instrument Exposure time Image scale Notes AO-7
NGC 4151 18 inch Newtonian 240 minutes 0.42 "/pixel Image taken from Palo Alto Yes
VDB 142 12 inch Maksutov 90 minutes 0.43 "/pixel Image taken from Chews Ride Area Yes
Mersinus 18 inch Newtonian stack of 50x 0.03 seconds Resolution of about 0.2 " Stack of webcam image with custom software to warp the images to a best overlay state. No
Horsehead nebula 7 inch AP 3 hours   Taken from New Mexico skies with a 1k * 1k Site chip based camera No
M66 18 inch Newtonian at F/9 4 hours 0.42 " /pixel Taken From Palo Alto Yes
M42 fragment 18 inch Newtonian at F/9 30 minutes 0.42 " /pixel Taken from Palo Alto Yes
M27 (H-Alpha) 18 inch Newtonian at F/9 180 minutes 0.42 "/pixel Taken from Palo Alto Yes
M64 (black Eye) 18 inch Newtonian at F/12 120 minutes 0.37 " /pixel Taken from Palo Alto Yes
NGC 1333 area 8 inch Schmidt 250 minutes 4 "/pixel Taken from Death Valley No
NGC 7549 Group = ARP 99 18 inch Newtonian at F/9 90 minutes 0.43 "/pixel Taken From Chews Ride, California Yes
NGC 6207 (Near M13) 18 inch Newtonian at F/9.5 60 minutes 0.41 "/pixel Taken from Palo Alto. This is the well know galaxy near the field of M13 Yes
M51 18 inch Newtonian at F/9.3 300 minutes 0.4 "/pixel Taken From Palo Alto Yes
ABELL 39 18 inch Newtonian at F/8 240 minutes 0.5 " Taken from Palo Alto.

OIII + H-Alpha filter

This is a FAINT Planetary nebulae, total magnitude of 13.7, about 50 times fainter than the ring nebula

Yes (slow guiding, 1 fps)
Fragment of the North America nebula 18 inch Newtonian at F/9 1 hour 0.43 "/pixel Taken from Chews Ridge. This is an unfiltered image Yes





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