Charleston Lake
Imaging the Night Sky from Ontario Canada
Filter Wheel
Filter Wheel for LRGB Imaging

The filter wheel contains True-Technology LRGB dichroic filters, as well as an Optometrics Ha 10nm filter. 
For IR blocking, a Sirius Optics NIR-1 filter is used external to the filter wheel. 
Filter Wheel Electronics 
Currently prototyping microprocessor (Arduino) control to drive an older 36mm filter wheel, controlling a stepper motor for indexing. The distance to index is step counts, and Hall Effect sensors / magnets on the wheel provide final positioning feedback as well as determining which filter is in position. An LCD display (local to the filter wheel control module) indicates which filter is in position. The communication is via USB. The end intent is to allow remote control with automated filter indexing, as part of the preset imaging Sequence. The command set is ASCOM V6 compliant.

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