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Orion ED80 Refractor
Widefield Refractor
When people think of Astronomy equipment, the Telescope is the most recognized.
The Orion ED-80 refractor is a good widefield / fast scope. This instrument is 80mm aperture, 600mm focal length. The ED80 uses Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass in the objective which reduces color fringing on stars. 

This telescope offers quite a large field of view with our CCD camera, which is nice for large targets, such as M42 or the Rosette Nebula.


Perhaps more important than the optics, is the mount and it's tracking ability. The Telescope mount must rotate at the Sidereal rate, to remain aimed at the same point in space, during the rotation of the earth. The ED80 is mounted either piggyback on the Ultima 8 PEC, or, mounted within a custom made cradle, on an Ultima11 PEC fork mount, with excellent tracking from the 7.5" Byers gearset. A 2045 scope is adjacent for sighting / autoguiding purposes.
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