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Icron 2204 USB Extender
USB Cable - Length Extending 

The interface connecting the ST-8300 CCD camera to the computer, is USB2.
This works fine, if the computer is near the camera, because USB2 restricts to approximately 16ft.

But, for most remote imaging, the USB must either be extended, or, a remote laptop at the telescope can be tethered to the indoor PC via EtherNet.

I opted to extend the USB instead of having a laptop out at the telescope. This allows unattended imaging, or, observing targets at the computer without being outside.

Not all USB extenders are created equal....
There are several options for USB extending.... such as powered USB hubs, but the most reliable system has proven to be the ICRON 2204 USB Extender. This unit supports Isochronous USB2 data transfer, which is critical for imaging. The USB signal is converted, sent over an EtherNet cable, then reconverted back to USB. With Cat5e cable, the USB can be extended to 300ft instead of 16ft. There are not issues with frequency drift in cold temperatures, as many powered USB hubs that use low quality resonators, suffer from.

The ICRON 2204 has a LEX unit at the indoor PC, connected via Cat5e cable to the REX unit, at the telescope. The devices are seamless, the computer "thinks" they are local. This device has proven it's worth with the SBIG ST8300 and the Canon EOS60D cameras. Both function excellent when connected through the ICRON.

Icron 2204 LEX unit
at the indoor PC
Icron 2204 REX unit
at the telescope / CCD camera
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