Charleston Lake
Imaging the Night Sky from Ontario Canada
Astronomy and CCD Imaging
A Journey of Learning 
First turning a pair of binoculars toward the night sky over 40 years ago, began a journey of learning and appreciating the beauty and majesty of the universe. 
Currently involved in visual observing as well as DSLR and CCD imaging, the web pages contained here document some of these images and equipment as well as general Astronomy related subjects. 
The images posted here are not masterpieces, rather, they represent a journey of learning. CCD cameras allow us to "see" beyond what our eyes can visually.
It is an enjoyable activity, the reward is in the effort and learning, and admiring the universe through technology.  
  (EAA - Electronic Aided Astronomy)  

Viewing (observing) and imaging the sky helps us see and appreciate, the beauty, majesty and the incredibly immense size of the universe.
To understand the incredible distances we are viewing...

Primary areas of focus: Deep sky and planetary observing and imaging, EAA*, as well as Astronomy Equipment design / build. 

*EAA = Electronically Aided Astronomy

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