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Hello everybody ...

You'll find on this website part of my true passion. All the hours and nights I have spent to contemplate the beauty of the starry sky has brought me, little by little, to create this website. I have imagined so many planets and worlds far away from here, that I decided one day to put all my work and a part of my outer space journeys on a website (from 2004 - when I began to make digital astrophotography) .

As an unknown author said "The beauty is not in the object but in the eyes of the beholder".

Furthermore this website is a message to the people who live in big cities and hesitate to make digital astrophotography. I have got some simple instruments (Schmidt-Cassegrain C8 + 80 mm achromatic triplet lenses + EQ6 mount) and several numeric devices (APN Canon 350D + CCD PL1). In addition, 90% of the photos are taken from my balcony situated 8 km from the Eiffel Tower (as the crow flies).
The results are a strong argument that this passion is not reserved only for the people who live in the countryside far from cities, but also people like me, even with cheap instruments. While it is impossible to get the same results as very skilled amateur astronomers living under a very dark sky, it really is possible to do very interesting things in suburbs of big cities.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough time, as my job takes a lot (time and effort), and my family as well. The time that I spend on my passion is short and limited, but each time I dive into my stars, I'm the happiest man of the world...

Each successful photo is a true delight which broadens my universe and my knowlegde of this beautiful world ...

Unfortunately the most part of my explanations are in French - leave me a message if you have some questions...

Have a good trip.

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Leave a message on the web

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