A glimpse to the night sky

by Oriol Lehmkuhl & Ivette Rodriguez


Capturing this faint nebula was not easy, in fact it required more than 14 h of image acquisition. We needed 3 nights for acquiring the whole data. We drove more than 200 km from our house, looking for some dark location, away from the light pollution of the region near Barcelona city. But after all, we think it worth the effort, our instruments were capable of capture the IFN.

Our objective, when we began with this image was to bring out as much as possible of the IFN and at the same time, to preserve the small details in the galaxies. As for the color balance, we have used the center of M81 as reference, assuming that its core is white, and after that, it has been slightly corrected assuming that the integral flux of the whole image is pure white, considering that the objects in it emits in the continuum.

Image data:

Lens: FSQ106 f/5

Camera: QSI 540ws CCD camera

Exposure time: 7 h in 900'' subexps for L, 4:30 h in 600'' for RGB and 3 h in 900'' subexps for Ha

Filters: Baader filters

Location: Ager, Spain

Date: February 21st and 28th, 2009

Source: www.universetoday.com

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