Astronomical Spectrography for Amateurs, in Spectrographs in amateur astronomy
EAS Publications Series 2011 47 : pp 39-71, editor EDP Sciences

The pulsations of the B5IVe star HD181231 observed with CoRoT and ground-based spectroscopy
C. Neiner, J. Gutiérrez-Soto, F. Baudin, B. de Batz, Y. Frémat, A. L. Huat, M. Floquet, A.-M. Hubert, B. Leroy, P. D. Diago, E. Poretti, F. Carrier, M. Rainer, C. Catala, O. Thizy, C. Buil, J. Ribeiro, L. Andrade, M. Emilio, F. Espinosa Lara, J. Fabregat, E. Janot-Pacheco, C. Martayan, T. Semaan, J. Suso, A. Baglin, E. Michel, and R. Samadi, A&A, 2009, 506, 143

Non Spherical Mass Outflow from RS Ophiuchi During its 2006 Outburst
A. Skopal, T. Pribulla, C. Buil, A. Vittone, L. Errico, in RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the Recurent Nova Phenomenon, ASP Conf. Series, Vol 401, 227-234 (2008)

RS-Ophiuchi-High Velocity Outflow During 1994-2006
A. Zajczyk, T. Tomov, M. Mikolajewski, C. Buil, D. Kolev, M. Cikala, L. Georgiev, G. Galazutdinov, in RS Ophiuchi (2006) and the Recurent Nova Phenomenon, ASP Conf. Series, Vol 401, 227-234 (2008)

Spectra and light curve analysis of Nova V475 Scuti
Morgan G. E., Kingwald F. A., Buil C, Garret M., 2005, PASP, 117, 938

Rotation, pulsations and outbust in the Be star Upsilon Cyg (HD 202904)
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Properties and nature of Be stars. XXII. Long-term light and spectral variations of the new bright Be star HD 6226
Bozic, H.; Harmanec, P., Yang, S., Ziznovský, J., Percy, J. R., Ruvdjak, D.,
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Spectroscopy of the growing circumstellar disk in the delta Scorpii Be binary
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V4742 Sagittarii = Possible Nova in Sagittarius
Yamaoka, H., Monard, B., Buil, C., Kato, T., Schmeer, P.; Shida, R. Y.; Pearce, A, 2002, IAUC, 7972

Properties and nature of Be stars. XXI. The long-term and the orbital variations of V832 Cyg = 59 Cyg
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GSC 628 290: a new EW/KW variable
Behrend, R., Buil, Ch., Antonini, P., Demeautis, Ch., 2002, IBVS, 5219

Be Stars Spectrographic Survey Project
Buil, Christian, 2000, Be Stars Newletter, 34, 42

Supernova 2000B in NGC 2320
Colas, F., Fienga, A., Buil, C, 2000 IAUC, 7351

The Rise Time of Nearby Type IA Supernovae
Riess, Adam G.; Filippenko, Alexei V.; Li, Weidong; Treffers, Richard R.; Schmidt, Brian P.; Qiu, Yulei; Hu, Jingyao; Armstrong, Mark; Faranda, Chuck; Thouvenot, Eric; Buil, Christian
1999, AJ, 118, 2675

Comet C/1997 J2 (Meunier-Dupouy)
Ticha, J., Tichy, M., Moravec, Z., Galad, A., Pravda, A.; Koleny, P., Kornos, L., Ito, K., Asami, A.; Abe, H, and 30 coauthors, 1997, MPEC, 5

Supernova 1996ak in NGC 5021
Colas, F.; Buil, C.; Reugnier, M.; Cavadore, C.; Filippenko, A. V.; Stern, D.; Maxfield, L.1996, IAUC, 6434

Inner part observation of the beta Pictoris disk
Ferlet, R., Lecavelier Des Etangs, A., Perrin, G.
Vidal-Madjar, A., Sevre, F., Colas, F., Arlot, J. E., Buil, C., Beust, H., Lagrange-Henri, A. M., 1994, Ap&SS, 212, 173

Observation of the Central Part of the Beta-Pictoris Disk with an Anti-Blooming
Lecavelier Des Etangs, A., Perrin, G., Ferlet, R., Vidal Madjar, A., Colas, F., Buil, C., Sevre, F., Arlot, J. E.; Beust, H., Lagrange Henri, A. M., 1993, A&A, 274, 877

The occultation of 28 Sgr by Titan
Hubbard, W. B., Sicardy, B., Miles, R., Hollis, A. J. Forrest, R. W., Nicolson, I. K. M., Appleby, G.; Beisker, W.; Bittner, C., Bode, H.-J. Bruns M., Denzau, H., Neze, M., Riedel, E., Struckmann, H, Arlot J. E., Roques, E, Sevren F, Thuillot, W, Hoffmann, K, Geyer, E, H, Buil, C, Colas, F, Lecacheux, J, Klotz, A, Thouvenot, E, Vidal, J,L, Carreira, Rossi, F, Blanco, C, Cristaldi, S, Nevo, 1993, A&A, 269, 541

First Earth-based observations of Neptune's satellite Proteus
Colas, F.; Buil, C., 1992, A&A, 262L, 13

Supernova 1991K in NGC 2851
Pollas, C.; Buil, C., 1992, IAUC, 5527

Supernova 1992I in NGC 2565
Pollas, C.; Buil, C., 1992, IAUC, 5464

Observation of the central part of the beta Pictoris disk with an anti-blooming CCD
Vidal-Madjar, A., Lecavelier Des Etangs-Levallois, A., Perrin, G. Ferlet, R., Sevre, F., Colas, F., Arlot, J.-E., Buil, C., Beust, H., Lagrange-Henri, A.-M., Lecacheux, J., 1992, The Mesenger, 69, 45

Supernova 1990N in NGC 4639
Buil, C., Thouvenot, E, 1991, IAUC, 5203

Periodic Comet Halley (1986 III)
Buil, C., Calvet, C., Thouvenot, E., Touillaud, J. F., 1991, IAUC,.5202

CCD images of Mars with the 1 M reflector atop Pic-du-Midi
Lecacheux, J., Drossart, P., Buil, C., Laques, P., Thouvenot, E., Guerin, P., 1991, Planetary and Space Science, 39, 273

Supernova 1990N in NGC 4639
Maury, A., Thouvenot, E., Buil, C., Brunetto, L., Albanese, D., Prat, G., Cappellaro, E., Benetti, S., Turatto, M., Kirshner, R, 1990, IAUC, 5039

Probing Titan's atmosphere by stellar occultation
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Occultation of 28 Sagittarii by Titan
Arlot, J. E., Thuillot, W., Roques, F., Sevres, F., Sicardy, B., Lecacheux, J., Colas, F., Vidal, J. L., Buil, C., Klotz, A, 1989, IAUC,.4809....1A

An Amateur CCD Camera
Buil, C., Prat, G., Thouvenot, E., 1988, Proceedings of IAU Colloq. 98, 105

A Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) for Amateurs
Buil, C., 1985, Sky & Telescope, 69, 71

CCD ASTRONOMY: Construction and Use of an Astronomical CCD Camera, 1991, Ed. Willmann-Bell

Supernovae: 1990N in NGC 4639 (co-discovers: E. Thouvenot, G. Prat), 1992I in NGC 2565, 1996ak in NGC 5021
Variable stars: AW Ari (GSC 628-290)
Asteroids: 7718 (named Desnoux), 10222 (named Klotz), 12042 (named Lacques), 19353 (1997EQ30), 1997UW10
The asteroid 6820 Buil turn also around the Sun

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