Spectroscopic observations of
cataclysmic stars, recurrent novae and ancient novae
with a small telescope

Left, an old Celestron 8, and at the f/10 focus, a Lhires III spectrograph. The CCD camera is a QSI532 (CCD KAF-3200ME).
Watek 120 N video cameras are used for pointing and guiding funtions. Click on the image for enlarge.
Right, night ambiance at OHP (Observatoire de Haute-Provence).

The spectra are taken during the Observatoire de Haute Provence 2009 spectroscopic school. For an evocation of OHP2008 edition, click here.

Observation of recurrent nova RS Oph at magnitude V=10.6

See also spectra of the very large February 2006 outburst of RS Oph here

The star is observed for nearly the same date at resolution power of R=14000 (Lhires III - 2400 grooves / mm grating) - JD=2455063.456,  R=2800 (Lhires III - 600 grooves / mm grating) - JD=2455064.421 and R=700 (Lhires III - 150 g/mm grating) - JD=2455064.340. The slit wide is 23 microns. Note the increase of the signal to noise ratio (SNR) with the decrease of resolution power. The double peak structure of Halpha line is evident at R=700.

Detail of H
a region for different spectral resolution.

Effect of slit width and (numeric) binning.
August 20.84 observation: 23 microns slit
August 21.92 observation: 37 microns slit (intensities shifted by 1.0 for clarity).

 Download RSOph_20090819_956.DAT    Download RSOph_20090820_840.DAT    Download RSOph_20090820_921.DAT   Download RSOph_20090821_920.DAT   

Observation of cataclysmic star SS Cyg
(quiescent phase, near magnitude V = 12.0)
JD = 2455065.603

See also here spectra of SS Cyg taken during outburst phase

Download SSCyg_20090822_103.DAT

Observation of cataclysmic star TT Ari
(near magnitude V = 11.3)
JD = 2455065.513

Download TTAri_20090822_013.DAT

Observation of cataclysmic star T CrB
(near magnitude V = 10.3)
JD = 2455066.338


Download TCrB_20090822_838.DAT

 Observation of ancient nova Aql 1918 (V603 Aql)
(near magnitude V = 11.8)
JD = 2455066.400

Note: The weather conditions are far from the ideal (some wind limit the slit througthput)

Download V603Aql_20090822_900.DAT

An evocation of the famous nova Aquilae 1918, the "Victory nova" (1), (2).