Solar Eclipse 2006

Optic: Canon lens EF 400 mm 1:5.6 L (used at full aperture) - Camera: Canon EOS 5D DSLR - ISO 50.
Inner corona: Stack of 8 x 1/20 s exposures through a linear polariser - rotational gradient processing Iris software).
Outer corona: Stack of 2 x 2 s + 2 x 1 s exposures (no optical filter) - The diffuse corona is removed (fitted by a Lorentzien function).
Photosphere image incrustation: 1/8000 s through an Astrosolar ND=3.8 film (image taken some minutes before first contact).
The saturated part of the image (non-valid data) is masked with a dark disk.
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For details about these eclipse observation click here.