Fisheye images at Pic du Midi Observatory

Optic: 8 mm Peleng fisheye used at f::5.6. Camera: Standard Canon EOS 5D. August 31, 2006..
For the night image, 5 minutes exposure @ 800ISO. The moon rise at the horizon.

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 A panorama
The south image (upper left) shows the Pyrénées mountain chain and far beyond, pollution light of major Spain cities (Barcelone, Saragosse, ...). 
The north image  (lower left) shows the cities of Tarbes and Bagnères, and toward the right direction, at the horizon, the city of Toulouse.

8 mm Peleng used at f:5.6 and 800 ISO. Canon EOS 5D. Exposure time of 600 seconds.

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A zenithal view

Exposure time of 600 seconds


The camera adapted on an equatorial mount
The dome of the one-meter telescope is visible in the lower part of the image.

8 mm Peleng lens, Canon E0S 5D, ten minutes exposure

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 Morning time a top of Pic du Midi Observatory