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An astronomical images processing software

IRIS is a free software

How to install version 5.59 (June 24, 2010) :

Support of DSRL raw file for Canon 6D, Sony alpha 7s, … (Sept. 19, 2014). Download the file libdcraw.zip and remplace in your IRIS installation directory the actual libdcraw.dll file by the new one.

Important tip: If after a new installation some dialog box disappear, do not panic. First method; (1) exit IRIS, (2) delete the IRIS.INI file from WiINDOW directory, (3) re-run IRIS. Second method: Execute RESET command from IRIS console and re-run.

Some features

Deep-sky map projections: galactic system, equatorial system, and many more…

Deconvolution functions

World Coordinate System compatibility

Tool for remove image gradient

Radial & rotational blur

Gamma display adjustment (curves function)

Interactive perpective correction tools

Cometary images sequence stacking

User manual

Commands description

Command list (thanks Howard, Martin, Daren… for the compilation)

Command list  (en français + illustrations)

Command list - more recent (thanks Rolf)

Command list - Word version (thanks Javier)


A roadmap for a quick process of DSRL images

More about DSRL processing methods under IRIS

Preprocessing (YouTube - Maxime Simet)

Moon video processing (Dailymotion - Romain Pechereau)

Deep Sky processing (YouTube - Guillaume Doyen)











Version 5.53 click here (FITS 48 bits support,...)

Version 5.52 click here (automatic astrometry / cartography)

Version 5.50 click here (sky cartographic projections) 

Version 5.41 click here (background sky removal, ...) 

Version 5.40 click here (improved remote control of DSRL) 

Version 5.34 click here (new deblurring tools.)

Version 5.33 click here (contrast adjustment, ....)

Version 5.32 click here ( improved support of RAW files, ....)

Version 5.31 click here (special solar eclipses, ....)

Version 5.30 click here (fisheye images processing, ....)

Version 5.20 click here (registration, ...)

Version 5.00 click here (remote control DSLR, batch mode, ...)

Version 4.37 click here (gradient removal, ...)

Version 4.34 click here (autoguiding, virtual equatorial, ...)

Version 4.30 click here (distorsion correction of optics, ...)

Version 4.21 click here (sun chromosphere processing, ...)

Version 4.20 click here (interactive registration, ...)

Version 4.19 click here (Akira Fuji effet, …)

Version 4.18 click here (support of new DSLR, ...)

Version 4.17 click here (interactive files selection, ...)

Version 4.16 click here (hot pixels removal, ...)

Version 4.15 click here (improved true colors image, ...)

Version 4.14 click here (noise removal, ...)

Version 4.10 click here (new DSRL ...)

Version 4.00 click here (Lucy-Richardson, …)

Version 3.83 click here (optimal stacking, ...).

Version 3.81 click here (Scan to pic command, ...).

Version 3.80 click here (Webcam synchro function).

Version 3.72 click here (camera support).

Version 3.71 click here (improved webcam functions).

Version 3.70 click here (distortion correction)

Version 3.60 click here (spectra processing)

Version 3.54 click here (field rotation compensation,…)

Version 3.53 click here (improved automatic photometry, ...)

Version 5.53 cliquer ici (support du FITS 48 bits....)

Version 5.52 cliquer ici (cartography et photométry auto) 

Version 5.50 cliquer ici (projections carto. des images du ciel profond)

Version 5.41 cliquer ici (évaluation du fond de ciel..)

Version 5.40 cliquer ici (pilotage APN)

Version 5.34 cliquer ici (fonctions de restauration d'images.)

Version 5.33 cliquer ici (ajustement du contraste,...)

Version 5.32 cliquer ici (support amélioré des fichier RAW, ....)

Version 5.31 cliquer ici (éclipses de Soleil, ...)

Version 5.30 cliquer ici (images fisheye,…)

Version 5.20 cliquer ici (fonctions de registration,…)

Version 5.00 cliquer ici (contrôle APN, mode batch, ...)

Version 4.37 cliquer ici (retrait gradient, ...)

Version 4.34 cliquer ici (équatorial virtuel, autoguidage, ...)

Version 4.30 cliquer ici (correction de la distorsion optique, ...)

Version 4.21 cliquer ici (images de la chromosphère solaire, ...)

Version 4.20 cliquer ici (registration interactive, fenêtrage AVI, ...)

Version 4.19 cliquer ici (RAW du Sigma SD10, effet Akira Fuji)

Version 4.18 cliquer ici (support du format RAW du Canon EOS 20D, ...)

Version 4.17 cliquer ici (sélection intéractive des fichiers images, ...)

Version 4.16 cliquer ici (suppression des pixels chauds, ...)

Version 4.15 cliquer ici (meilleur du support de la couleur, ...)

Version 4.14 cliquer ici (filtrage efficace du bruit, ...)

Version 4.10 cliquer ici (rehaussement couleurs, Fourier; ...),

Version 4.00 cliquer ici (couleurs en 48-bits, déconvolution, ...)

Version 3.83 cliquer ici (somme optimisée, ...)

Version 3.81 cliquer ici (commande SCAN2PIC, ...)

Version 3.80 cliquer ici (synchronisation webcam, …).

Version 3.72 cliquer ici (format 16 bits non signé).

Version 3.71 cliquer ici (interface Webcam améliorée).

Version 3.70 cliquer ici (introduction des T-Tools).

Version 3.60 cliquer ici .(traitement spectres)

Version 3.54 cliquer ici (compensation de la rotation de champ,…).

Version 3.53 cliquer ici (photométrie, interpolation spline, …).

IRIS is a copyrighted freeware. IRIS is free of all rights for a non commercial usage and distribution. The software, the demonstration images and related documentation are exclusively properties of the author.


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