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June 24, 2010


IRIS 5.59
An astronomical images processing software
Freeware - Last update: June 24, 2010
English and French version available 

Support of Canon 550D

How  to assemble tricolor images (US)
Composition des  images couleurs (FR)
Frame grabbing with Webcam (US)
Acquisition d'images avec des Webcams (FR)
Wavelet analysis
Commands  list

Halpha Wide Field: Challenge
of imaging under sky polluted sky


The gallery

V407 Cyg outburst

Sun chromosphere spectrum at the LJS refractor (Pic du Midi) 

Bright star observation series: Epsilon Aur, Deneb, Rigel, P Cygni

Decoration lamps and spectral calibration

QSI 532 / QSI 583 comparison

Review of the eShel spectrograph

The extrasolar planets
51 Pegb , HD189733b, HD195019b & tau Boob

Faint novae and cataclymic stars from OHP spectro party 

Nova Eridani 2009 

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Nova Sagittarii 2009 N░3, Lhires III at low resolution: observation of faint Be stars, Quantun efficiency of Canon DSRL, Observation of Io's sodium cloud, Comet Lulin : images & spectra, Observation of tau Bootis exoplanet, Fast evolution of RR Lyr star, Film of OHP 2008 spectro school, First light of an echelle spectrograph, Wide-field survey techniques, Star Analyser: An efficient and easy to use spectrograph, Nova Sagittarii 2008, Optical fiber link for LISA spectrograph, Nova Cyg 2008 #2, EOS 40D review, Canon 40D: spectral response + test of Astronomik CLS filter, High contrast imagery of Sun surface, How to compensate image surface tilt on a DSRL system ?, Nova Cygnii 2008Nikon D3/D300 and Canon 40D for faint light applications,  Comet 17P/Holmes outburst, Infrared spectroscopy, Nova Vulpeculae 2007, Canon 5D evaluation, Canon 350D versus 400D,  Test of the Canon 85 mm f:1.2, Canon 350D and spectrography,  Nova Cygnii 2007, The sodium D1 & D2 lines,  Canon 50 mm f/1.2 lens test,  Time resolved observation of AB Aur, LHIRES spectrograph is available from Shelyak Instruments, Spectroscopic survey of COROT Be stars,  Spectroscopy of Herbig Ae stars,  Baader IR cutoff filter for Digital SLR,  Test of the Peleng 8mm fisheye, Total Eclipse 29-March-2006, 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 spectrumSpectroheliogram with LHIRES III spectrograph, RS Oph outburst, LHIRES spectrograph project, Multispectral polarimetry methods, Watec-120N test, About the Canon 350D IR filter, Spectral transmission of astronomical filters,  Autofocus adjustment of EOS, Nova Sagittarii 2005 No2, An electronic finderscope, Comet Machholz (C/2004 Q2) near the Pleiades (M45) and spectra, A compact and efficient spectroheliograph, Lithium measurement in stellar atmospheres , Comet Q4 NEAT spectrography + polarization,  the spectra of asteroids 6820 Buil and 7718 Desnoux made at the 24-inch of Pic du Midi, APM 08279+5255, the brightest object of the know univers.

The Technical Guide

Initiation Ó la spectroscopie (a tutorial course about spectroscopy) Texte en franšais

How to calculate the parameters of a classical spectrograph (MERIS)
English and French version available

A Littrow spectrograph project
Test and performances evaluations ,  How  to process spectral data...  English and French version available!
How to calibrate spectra (wavelength lines catalog, full commented spectra, ...)

Excel speadsheet (reflection & transmission grating spectrograph) 

Fiber optic spectrograph tests 

How to construct a low cost spectrograph
Theory, design, your first spectrum, applications...

How to construct a classical spectrograph
Theory of a grating spectrograph, setup, spectral calibration, radiometric calibration...

LORIS spectrograph (low resolution)

MERIS spectrograph (intermediate resolution)

LHIRES spectrograph (high resolution)

LHIRES2 spectrograph

LHIRES3 spectrograph
LISA spectrograph project

The Application Guide

Planetary nebulae spectra 
Diffuse nebulae spectra
3C273 quasar spectrum
57 Cyg: A spectroscopic binary star
1999 solar eclipse: corona spectrum
Fiber optic spectrograph  

Novae corner   
Supernovae corner 
Comets corner
Peculiar stars corner & AGN 
Sun corner
Spectroscopy Survey of Asteroids

  The spectroscopic Be-stars atlas  
Goto the spectropraphy application page...

  CCD observations and tips

Lens test
Canon EF 85 mm f/1.2
Canon EF 50 mm f/1.2
Canon EF 400 mm
Canon EF 100-400 mm
Canon lens vs Nikon lens comparison













 The astro bookmarks


 The spectro bookmarks


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