Adjust aspect of a color image

Adjust colors

Load a true colors image. For example, if the image is located in the working directory:


Remember, it is important to select PIC file format in setup dialog box for process 48 bits images.

The classic Threshold box and VISU command can be usede. The situation is identical to a B&W image. But Iris implements also specific commands for display and process color images.

Select the White balance function on the View menu and adjust the slider for equilibrate red, green and blue channel of the in-memory 48 bits image.

The in-memory image is modified by this function if you click on OK button.

For adjust the gamma curve of each RGB channel, open the Gamma adjustement dialog of View menu:

You can also modify the color saturation via the Saturation adjustement dialog box (View menu):

Convert a 48 bits image to a 16 bits image

The more simplest method for convert a color image to a black and white is to add the three colors channel in an unique B&W. For this, run the 48-bits to 16-bits command of Digital photo menu. The result:

Convert a 16 bits image to a 48 bits image

Load a 16 bits image and convert this to a 48 bits image by using 16-bits to 48-bits command of Digital photo. Iris duplicate the B&W image into the R, G et B layer of a true colors image. Of course, the aspect of the result is a grey image, but now coded with 48 bits (see indication at the lower right corner of Iris windows application).