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Integrated Spectrographic Innovative Software

By Christian Buil

A free Windows application dedicated to processing of astronomical spectral data

How to install version 5.9.7    (July 23, 2019) :

  • Download the zip file : ISIS_5_9_7.ZIP    (size: 1.9 Mb)
  • Decompress the ZIP file in a directory of your choice
  • Copy ISIS.EXE icon in your desktop
  • Double-click on the ISIS icon for run the program
  • Select language from the Setting tab and re-run

ISIS database can be a great help during spectra processing by providing a large library of reference data. Download database ISIS_database_v8 (25 Mb). Here a procedure for install database. 


You need Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed in your PC (not present if your operating system is old). Click here for download .NET Framework 4.

Manuel utilisateur (en français)

ISIS is a copyrighted freeware. ISIS is free of all rights for a non commercial usage and distribution. The software, the demonstration images and related documentation are exclusively properties of the author.


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