Integrated Spectrographic Innovative Software

by Christian Buil

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ISIS (Integrated Spectrographic Innovative Software) is a free Windows application dedicated to processing of astronomical spectral data.

ISIS contains specific special functions that facilitate the use of Lhires III, LISA, eShel and Star Analyzer spectrographs.

Latest complete version: 5.9.2 (November 2, 2017)
For install ISIS, download the file
(1.9 Mb size), then decompress on installation directory (if the directory do not exist, then you need to create it)
(english langage interface can be selected)

New features of revision 5.9.2

You need Microsotf .NET Framework 4 to be install in your PC. It is probably not install if your operating system is old. You can download
.NET Framwork 4 here.

ISIS database can be a great help to process your spectra by providing a library of reference spectra.
Download the database
ISIS_database_v7 (19 Mb). Here a procedure for install the database.

    Summary of methods for spectral calibration of Alpy 600 spectrograh  


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