Spectrographic observations, themes and projects


 Novae spectra


Supernovae spectra


Survey of symbiotic stars


Atlas of Wolf-Rayet stars


Hot & Massive stars


Variables stars


Galaxies, quasars and redshift


Be stars survey


Bright star observation series: Epsilon Aur, Deneb, Rigel, P Cygni


Detection of Tau Boo exoplanet
by using eShel spectrograph


Observation of extrasolar planets
51 Pegb , HD189733b, HD195019b & tau Boob


Collection of nebulae spectra


Observation of infrared Ca II triplet and techniques

 Cometary spectra

Stellar Spectral Classes Atlas

Poster session

Observation of galaxies redshift


Measure of NGC 7331 galaxy rotation


Spectra of 1680 supernova
remnant (3C461, Cas A)



Observation of Io satellite sodium cloud


Jupiter infrared observation (polar arcs)


The spectrum of Messier 42 nebula



The spectrum of NGC 7635 nebula


Extraction of NGC 7635 spectrum


The spectrum of vey faint nebula Outters2


LISA observation of sun chromosphere


Time resolved evolution of cataclysmic
star DQ Her


Observation of SN2011fe
on the 94-cm St Caprais telescope


Spectrum of Stephan's Quintet


Comet ISON - C/2012  S1


 Spectrum of Var C in Messier 33




A student project: Measure radial velocity
of nearby galaxies


Lumicon Deep Sky vs IDAS LPS-P2 filters


How to generate 2D images from spectra


Sun chromosphere observation at the LJR refractor
(Pic du Midi Observatory)


Io sodium spectrum (eShel)


Very fast evolution of star RR Lyr


Time resolved evolution of the star AB Aur


The sodium D1 & D2 lines


Spectra of city light pollution


Old novae & cataclysmic star
(OHP 2009 school)


Asteroids spectra


Lithium measurement in stellar atmospheres


Spectra of Jovian Galilean Satellites


AZ Cas campaign


LHIRES III spectrograph
and spectroheliography


Nova Monocerotis 2012


Infrared observation of Deep-Sky objects


Observation of the solar chromosphere
with a low resolution spectrograph


1999 solar eclipse: corona spectrum
Solar system Doppler shift (Mercury planet observation)
Some diffuse nebulae spectra

Images and Science


Infrared observation of Deep-Sky objects


Comet Machholz (C/2004 Q2): images and spectra