Spectrographs conception and techniques


An introduction to spectrography
(text in french)


How to calculate the parameters
of a classical spectrograph (MERIS)


How to construct a simple spectrograph



The LORIS spectrograph (low resolution)


How to assemble a very compact Littrow spectrograph


The Littrow spectrograph



How to construct a low cost spectrograph


How to use a Star Analyser spectrograph


Optimize the use of Star Analyser grating



The LISA spectrograph (first protype)


Test of fiber link to the telescope


Optical fiber interface for LISA spectrograph


First prototype of LHIRES spectrograph
(june 2003)


The LHIRES II prototype
(july 2004)


The LHIRES III prototype
(november 2005)


Spectra of city light pollution


Reference wavelength for spectral calibration


A commented spectrum of star Vega




Reviews, evaluations and techniques


Refractor and spectroscopy





Spectrophotometrics methods


Test of a photometric slit for Alpy 600 spectrograph


Alpy 600 spectral calibration


Chromatism and atmospheric dispersion effets


Stellar spectrophometry
Practical examples

Measure of atmospheric extinction


Performances of Alpy 600 spectrograph


Alpy 600 spectrograph:
First spectra


About the measure of instrumental response



Review of eShel spectrograph


First light of commercial LISA prototype
OHP 2010


Evaluation of Atik460EX camera use
on eShel spectrograph



Observations with LISA spectrograph


High performance spectrography
with small telescopes


LISA spectra samples


Test of echelle spectrograph
(techniques, processing, samples)


Lhires III spectrograph:
Observation of faint Be stars


How to adjust the LHIRES III spectrograph

Star Analyser: some tips


Excel Exposure Time Calculators
Classic spectrograph, Lhires III, ...


LISA Exposure Time Calculator


Decoration lamps and spectral calibration


Toward high precision spectal calibration


Computation of atmospheric transmission

Use LHIRES III spectrograph on a refractor


Spectroscopy at Pic du Midi Observatory
(July 2002 mission)


Spectroscopy at Pic du Midi Observatory
(August  2002 mission)


Spectroscopy at Pic du Midi Observatory
(July 2004 mission)


Spectrography at Pic du Midi
(LHIRES3 test - July 2005)


LHIRES2 spectroheliogram


Doppler spectroheliogam techniques


LHIRES III medium resolution mode
(application to Herbeig Ae/Be stars)


Canon 350D and spectrography


 Infrared spectroscopy


Haute Provence Observatory - July 2004 :
The first spectro-party


OHP 2008 spectro school
The movie!


Test of the Canon EOS 10D for spectroscopy


How to use hires III spectrograph with a Canon DSRL


How to make a flat-field


Spectroscopic daylight observations


The LISA spectrograph on the Pic du Midi
one-meter telescope - The movie!

Oléron school 2003
Astrophysical tools for Pro-Am collaboration)