ARAS (Astronomical Ring for Access to Spectroscopy)
ASPA (Active Spectroscopy in Astronomy)
VdS spectroscopy section
Valérie Desnoux (author of the VisualSpec software, very good tutorial)
José Ribeiro (a very active amateur!)
Maurice Gavin (lots of spectra of variables, supernovae, Wolf-Rayet stars, ...)
Ernst Pollmann (observation of Be-stars, VVCep and many hints for beginners)
Sylvain and André Rondi  (fines spectrograph constructions and many tips)
Dale Mais  (SBIG spectrograph - numerous informations)
Robin L
eadbeater (numerous and fine results)
Steve Dearden (a fine medium resolution spectrograph description ad many more)
Serge Montagnac (Linux tutorials)
Benjamin Mauclaire (a synthetic overview)
Josef Pöpsel (Capella Observatory)
Olivier Garde (SBIG spectrograph)
Olivier Thizy & Co (MUSICOS spectrograph)
Francois Cochard (R1000 spectrograph)
Jeff Hopkins (Lhires III spectrograph)
Didier and Stéphane Morata (construction of a spectrograph and many observations)
Job Geheniau (Rainbow grating + ETX90)
Rogiero Marcon (R3000 spectrograph)
Ken Harrison (classical spectroscope)
Tom Kaye (how to measure radial velocity, extrasolar planet! - spectacular)
Rendy Lauderbaugh (numerous setup)
Flavio Castellani (Osservatorio del Monte Baldo)
Paolo Corelli (Mandi observatory)
Lothar Schanne
Günter Gebhard (fiber optic spectrograph, numerous informations - fine)
Günter Gebhard (Be stars).
Doug West (low resolution spectra)
CAOS group (fiber optic spectrograph)
Paolo Valisa (observations of a large sample of objects - fine results)
Randy Lauderbaugh (prism objective observations - many links)
Tanaka Kazuyuki Littrows spectrograph
Guy Libante (spectroscopy with webcam)
Richard Hill (low cost prims objective spectrograph)
Pierre Dubreuil (use of a webcam in the field)
Vincent Letillois (a low cost spectrograph)
Ernst Pollmann (observation of Be-stars, VVCep and many hints for beginners)
John Blackwell (many spectra taken with the Rainbow grating)
Bernd Marquardt (low cost and SkySpec software)
Gary Cole (use of a spectropolarimeter)
Kereszty Zsolt (lots of spectra)
Don Davies
Jorg Schirmer (spectrograph on a small refractor)
Fujii Bisei Observatory (amazing collection of spectra)
ESPECTEC (powerful spectrograph project)
Oak Mountain Observatory (SBIG spectrograph use)
Donn Starkey (SBIG spectrograph)
Joachim Koppen CD spectrograph

CD spectrometer  
Edmund grating tutorial
Philippe Rousselle (Observe the Sun with a spectroheliograph)
Spectrohelioscope (Veio+Westland)
Rogerio Marcon (spectroheliograph design & images)
Leonard Higgins (spectrohelioscope)
John Slaton (spectrohelioscope)
Christian Viladrich (Ca K images)
GFOES (groupement for Sun observation)
ARAS - Spectro List


TIGRE (Obs. Lyon)
MUSICOS (Pic du Midi)
HIRES (Keck)
LIRIS (Keck)
IRIS (Anglo-Australian)
SDSS (Apache Point)
HEROS (Heidelberg)
FAST  (Mount Hopkins)
FAST (2)  (Mount Hopkins)
MDM spectrograph (Tucson)
SNIFS (Lyon)
GMOS (Gemini)
HRS (Hobby-Eberly Telescope)
THEMIS (Canaries)
ACS Grism (HST)
SOFIN (Nordic Optical Telescope)


Shelyak Instruments
Richardson gratings

Jobin Yvon gratings
Edmond-Scientific gratings (source Optometrics)
Paton Hawksley Education LTD
Rigel systems
Rainbow Optics
CDHC (gratings, prims, ...)
Jeulin gratings (source Paton Hawsleyart grat.)
Réseau sous diapositive (1)
Réseau sous diapositive (2)
Réseau sous diapositive (3)
SBIG spectrometer
Questar QMAX
Schott glass
ThorLabs (optical components - fibers)
Oriel (optical components)
Polymicro (fibers)




Forum for AstroSpectroscopy Amateur
Spectroscopy Astronomy Camp
CCD School Notes: CCD spectrography
Quantum atom
Spectra of all chemical elements
James Kaler's page
Stellar Classification
Classification of Stellar Spectra
Spectroscopy Java applet
Atomic transitions
Infrared spectrography
Taking spectra pictures
Imagine the Universe (NASA)
Ancient spectrometers
Doppler Shift demonstration
Laser Star Astrophysics
Electromagnetic radiation
Sun physics (HAO Education Pages)
Spectroscopy reduction
Introduction to Echelle Spectroscopy
Echelle spectrograph
Introduction to analysis (IRAF)


BeSS (the GEPI database of Be stars spectra - Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)
ArasBeam ( website dedicated to Be stars amateur observers)

A Stellar  Spectral Flux Library (Pickles) (very useful catalog of 131 spectra for all the spectral types)
UVES Library Spectra
ELODIE archive
NOAO Indo-US Library (CFILB - main page)
NOAO Indo-US Library (CFILB - FITS data)
Library of medium-resolution Fiber Optic Echelle spectra of F, G, K and M field dwarfs to giants stars
Data bases Obs. Paris
Optical and UV Standard Spectrophotometric Stars
MIRA near infrared spectral atlas   
Spectroscopic Data (ADC)
Model Spectra (Kurucz database)
Model Spectra (stsci)
NIST: astomic spectra database
The atomic line list
Digitized spectra data
Spectral Atlas of CFHT (MOS/SIS)
Lamp calibration system of CFHT (Gumball data base)
Atlas of lamp spectra
Atlas of OH lines  (night sky spectra)
Asiago calibration lamps
The spectrum of the gas-discharge lamps
Interactive emission lines of elements
Spectra of spectral lamps
Libraries of stellar spectra (UCM - numerous links...)
Synthetic Spectra of B Main-Sequence Stars (ideal for lines identifications)
The Atomic Line List (atomic spectra data base)
FAST stellar spectral atlas (very fine)
SOFA (Standard Object for Astronomy)
TGMET Library (ELODIE spectra)
Bright stars catalog sorted by spectral type
Spectrophotometric standards (Massey - 1)
Spectrophotometric standards (Massey - 2)
Optical spectrophotometric standards (Hamuy)
A digital spectral classification atlas (R. O. Gray)
An atlas of stellar spectra (Morgan & all historical work)
Galactic O star catalog
SPECTRUM - A Stellar Spectral Synthesis Program
PC Spectrum synthetizer
Spectrum (A Stellar Spectral Synthesis Program - R. Grey)
Stellar atmospheres
ENEAS - European Network of Excellence in AsteroSeismology
UBVRI query catalog
Landolt standards
Telluric lines (IR)
Supernovae spectra
Type I vs Type II supernovae spectra
Gallery of planetary nebulae spectra (a must)
Spectra of planetary nebulae
Planetary nebulae (1)
Planetary nebulae (2)
Planetary nebulae (3)
Planetary nebulae (4)
Cometary spectra (1)
Cometary spectra (2)
Solar spectrum (LESIA - Jean-Marie Malherbe)
Solar spectrum (plot version - Paris-Meudon obs.)
High-resolution solar spectrum (VIS + IR) (1)
Solar spectrum (2)
Solar spectrum (NOA)
Solar spectrum (Liege Solar Spectrum)
BASS 2000 (Sun informations - Spectrum atlas)
Solar spectrum - LJR
Solar spectrum by Ph. Rousselle
Jupiter spectra
Shell stars
The Wolf-Rayet stars
Wolf-Rayet Stars Research Group
The Be Star NewsLetters
Gamma Cas & Be Stars
Massive star web site
Galactic O stars catalog
Anatoly Miroshnichenko page (Be observations - 1)
Anatoly Miroshnichenko page (Be observations - 2)
Cataclismic stars, introduction
Cataclismic stars catalogue
Cataclismic stars observations
Interacting Binary Newletters
Ap stars Newletters
Delta Scuti stars
Spectroscopic Binary Catalogue
Spectroscopic Binary Catalogue (2)
SMASS (asteroids)
Extrasolar planet search (San Francisco)
Extrasolar almanach
Extrasolar planet search (Geneva)
Extrasolar canditate transit
Spectrashift (Extrasolar Planet Search Project)