The LX200 protocol

By clicking the button  in the toolbar:

It is possible to pilot a LX200 telescope from Iris.

To move the LX200 in one of the four directions, first select the motion rate : Guide, Center, Find or Slew.  Then click on one of the direction buttons.  To stop the motion, click on center Stop button.

The other method of moving the telescope is GOTO procedure. Enter the RA and DEC coordinates. In the above example we have:

RA = 12 h 47.7 m
DEC = 30° 23'

Then click on the GOTO button.

For synchronise the telescope mount to the current coordinates, click the Align button.

To get the current coordinates of the telescope click the GET button.

Important: before using the LX200 it is necessary to specify the Com Port from the Settings dialog box (File menu).