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Version 5.59

September 19, 2014 update: New DLL for read most resents DSLR raw files (Canon 6D, Sony alpha 7s, ...).
Download the file and remplace in your IRIS installation directory the actual libdcraw.dll by the new. It is all!


December 6, 2011 update
To view and process RAW images from latest digital cameras (DSRL), download the present file libdcraw.dll (dcraw V9.11, Nov. 2011). Replace the existing libdcraw.dll file located in the IRIS installation directory with the new version. Then run IRIS.

 The contain of IRIS installation folder. Replace the actual libdcraw.dll by the new version (simply copy and replace).

PourFor select your DSRL model click on the "Camera" button.

Choose your model. It is not necessarily in the list. Make trial and error to find the configuration that restores the right colors for your RAW image. See some examples below.

Canon 60D : select configuration CANON (50D/5Dmk2,7D)
Canon 600D : select configuration CANON (50D/5Dmk2,7D)
Canon 1100D : select configuration CANON (5D/20D/40D/350D/500D)
Nikon D5100 : select configuration NIKON (D100/D200/D3/D300)
Sony A65 : select configuration SONY (A100)
Sony A580 : select configuration SONY (A700)

How to install version 5.59... (June 24 , 2010)

- Download the file IRIS.ZIP (size: 3.2 Mb).
- Decompress the IRIS.ZIP in a directory of your choice.
- Copy the icon of the program IRIS.EXE in your desktop (optional).
- For run the program, click on IRIS.EXE file.

It's all !

IRIS is a free software

If after a new installation of IRIS some dialog box disappear, do not panic: (1) exit IRIS, (2) delete the IRIS.INI file in the WINDOWS directory, (3) re-run IRIS. 

Version 5.59 en français disponible :  CLIQUEZ ICI

June 24, 2010

Support of DSRL camera Canon 550D

For a correct colors decoding for the 550D, select the option:

For decode (or develop) a DSRL RAW image to a CFA image, use the drag & drop: see these tutorial or roadmap. You can now also use the in-line command CONVERTRAW for decode RAW images. For example, if your input sequence is 1.CR2-M42, M42-2.CR2, M42-3.CR2 :


This produces the CFA sequence: RESULT1.FIT, RESULT2.FIT, RESULT3.FIT
(you'll probably have to rename your RAW images before, and also select your DSRL model in the camera setup dialog box). Use LOADRAW for load an individual image.

February 5, 2010

Support of DSRL camera Canon 500D, 1D Mark IV, Pentax K-x, ...

December 22, 2008
Support of Canon 5D mk2 and Panasonic DMC-LX3

November 12, 2008
Support of Canon 50D, support for image capture from Lumenera cameras...

February 25, 2008
FITS 48 bits support, World Coordinate System compatible...

Automatic cartography of Deep-Sky images, processing of Sun images...

Deep-sky image projection into galactic system

New features of version 5.41
Improved remote control of digital cameras
New method for remove gradient of deep-sky images


New features of version 5.34
Deblurring tools



New features of version 5.33

New features of V5.32

New features of V5.30

Fisheye, panorama, perspective, vignetting correction, ...

Simulate an equatorial projection
from a fisheye image (demo here)

Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial

Open and display an image file
Adjust aspect of a B&W image
Adjust aspect of a color image
Save an image file
Geometric transformations
Preprocessing of grey level images (1/2)
Preprocessing of grey level images (2/2)
Make B&W master frames
Align stellar images (automatic methods)
Align stellar images (manual methods)
Special alignment functions (field rotation, ...)
Stack a sequence of images
Diphering and optimal addition of a sequence of images
Preprocessing of Digital SLR camera images
Remove gradient of the sky background
DSLR roadmap (preprocessing 2)
Color / B&W conversions 
Load and display a Digital SLR image
Split a CFA image
Color techniques
(L)RGB techniques

Console commands and scripts
Astrometric reduction
Sun processing
Planetary processing
Cosmetic corrections
Atmospheric turbulence correction
Wavelet analysis and noise filtering
Blinking and animation
Spectra preprocessing
Image selection
Modelisation by ellipse fitting
Polarization analysis
Flat-field extraction from science images
Optimal subtraction
Control of an equatorial mount
Remote control of a DSLR camera
Processing of cometary images
Correct optical distortion
Produce High Dynamic Range images (HDR)

Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial  Tutorial

Commands list
Last updated: 09-Feb-2010 - V5.58 (by Rolf Karlstad)

Navigation pane for Iris commands
thanks Howard, Martin, Darren, ...! 


Commands list by Javier Ruiz (Doc file, in french)

Recent update and informations

Version 5.53 cliquer ici (FITS 48 bits support,...)
Version 5.52
cliquer ici (automatic astrometry and cartography)
Version 5.50
cliquer ici (sky cartographic projections)
Version 5.41
cliquer ici (background sky removal, ...)
Version 5.40
cliquer ici (improved remote control of DSRL)
Version 5.34
cliquer ici (new  deblurring tools.)
Version 5.33
cliquer ici (contrast adjustment, improved DSLR control, ....)
Version 5.32
cliquer ici ( improved support of RAW files, ....)
Version 5.31
cliquer ici (special solar eclipses, ....)
Version 5.30
cliquer ici (fisheye images processing, correcting geometrical distorsion, optical vigneting, ....)
Version 5.20
click here (added functions for registration, stacking, support of the Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D200, ...)
Version 5.00
click here (remote control of EOS DSLR, batch mode, ...)
Version 4.37
click here (gradient removal, improved videol, ...)
Version 4.34
click here (autoguiding, virtual equatorial, ...)
Version 4.30
click here (distorsion correction of optics, ...)
Version 4.21
click here (sun chromosphere image processing, ...)
Version 4.20
click here (interactive registration, in fly crop of AVI, ...)
Version 4.19
click here (Sigma SD10 support, Akira Fuji effet)
Version 4.18
click here (support of the DSLR Caon EOS 20D, ...)
Version 4.17
click here (interactive files selection dialog box, ...)
Version 4.16
click here (hot pixels removal, ...)
Version 4.15
click here (improved support of true colors image, ...)
Version 4.14
click here (noise removal, export of 48-bits images, ...)
Version 4.10
click here (complementary functions for DSLR, Pentax *ist D support, video astronomy, webcam raw files management, ...)
Version 4.00
click here (specific function for digital camera, support of 48-bit images, optimized Lucy-Richardson, and many more)
Version 3.83
click here (optimal stacking of image sequence, ...).
Version 3.81
click here (Scan to pic command, ...).
Version 3.80
click here (synchro function, support of USB QuickA interface).
Version 3.72
click here (importation of Starlight Xpress camera images).
Version 3.71
click here (improved webcam functions).
Version 3.70
click here (distortion correction)
Version 3.60
click here (spectra processing)
Version 3.54
click here (field rotation compensation, automatic planetary trichromy processing,...).
Version 3.53
click here (improved precision for automatic photometry, ...)

Old update
Download PDF Help (3.6 MB)  Version 2.1 

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