NOVA CYGNI 2001 N°2 (V2275 CYGNI)

Observatory: Castanet Tolosan (France)
Observer: Christian Buil
Instrument: Takahashi CN-212 (8 inch) +
Spectr'Aude spectrograph at 0.38 A/pixel + Audine KAF-1602E CCD
Localization of the nova: RA = 21h03m02.00s - DEC = 48°45'52.9"

The discovery was made by Akihiko Tago, Okayama, Japan, on Aug. 18.599 and Aug. 18.603 UT (IAUC 7686).

   Click here for an animated view of nova Cygni 2001 n°2 evolution

Spectrum of Nova Cyg 2001 N°2 for the date Aug. 20.866 UT. Stacking of 34 two-minutes individual images. The calibration (bias, flat-field, wavelength calibration and response curve of instrument) was done using usual procedures in Iris and VisualSpec. The spectra is normalised to unity for the wavelength 6670 angstroms. R mag around 6.2. The P-Cygni profile of H-alpha is clearly visible.

Fast evolution of H-alpha line. The interval of time between this two spectra is only 2 hours 45 minutes.

Long term evolution of the H-alpha emission. Expansion velocity measured for August 23.9 is about 3400 km/s (FWHM of H-alpha profile).


Equivalent width versus time for the H-alpha line.

Download spectra data (ASCII format):

200801_1.DAT (20.866/08/2001)
200801_2.DAT (20.981/08/2001)
220801.DAT (22.874/08/2001)
230801.DAT (23.927/08/2001)
250801.DAT (26.006/08/2001)

For another more lower resolution spectrum of the nova (Fujii Bisei Observatory), click here.