NOVA CYGNI 2007 (V2467 Cygni)

Nova Cygnii 2007 discovered by Akihiko Tago (Tsuyama, Okayama-ken) at mag 7.4 on three 30-s CCD exposures taken around Mar. 15.787 UT with a Canon 20Da digital camera (+ 70-mm f/3.2 lens; limiting magnitude 13.2 +/- 0.2) - see IAU Tel.  890. The coordinates of the object are:  
R.A. = 20h28m12s.5, DEC = +41o48'37".6 (epoch 2000.0)

March 17.18 UT, 2007 observation (V=6.6)
Observatory: Castanet Tolosan (France) - IAU959
Observer: Christian Buil
Instrument: Celestron 11 + LHIRES III spectrograph (1200 l/mm grating) + Audine KAF0402ME CCD camera - Exposure 10 x 300 s
Note: bad atmospheric transmission.

The absorption bottom of P-Cyg profile is blueshifted  by 900 km/s with respect to the emission peak. The FWHM of the H-alpha emission is 1380 km/s. The intensity of the H-alpha peak is 2.3 time the local 6550 A continuum.

2D spectrum - 2007/03/17.18 UT


Short exposure of the blue side of H-alpha (Exposure: 4 x 300 s - bin 2x2) :