C2A has two tool bars: the main toolbar has shortcuts to the most common commands and the secondary toolbar allows you quick access to predefined zoom levels among other things. The Display Toolbars command in the Tools Menu allows you to turn either tool bar on or off.

Main Toolbar

The main tool bar is divided into several areas. To get information about a button in one of these areas, click on it with the left mouse button.


Configuration Files

View Display


Field Definition and Search

Display Options



Map Types


Location, Date & Control Panel





The Defining the buttons on the main toolbar chapter explains how to change the main tool bar and display only the buttons which are commonly accessed by a given user.

Secondary Toolbar

The secondary toolbar allows you quickly to access a predefined zoom level and to carry out geometrical operations on Field type views. To get information about a button in one of the areas in the secondary toolbar, left click on the button.

These two text areas in this toolbar obey very precise rules:


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