Catalog of Principal Galaxies

The PGC (Catalogue of Principal Galaxies), also known as PGC2003, is derived from the HYPERLEDA database ( This version of the catalogue is restricted to confirmed galaxies, which is around a million galaxies brighter than magnitude (blue) 18. Alternative names of the objects are also provided. Note that magnitudes are not provided for the objects, and magnitude filters are therefore ineffective.

The PGC is only displayed for fields less than 10°. Above this field size the RNGCIC is displayed (the name of the database in the top right corner of the display area is then shown against a violet background to indicate that the RNGCIC database is forced). The reason for that is that, as magnitude filtering is not possible, large fields involve too many objects to display.

The original version  of this catalogue is available on the server of the CDS at Strasbourg (VII/238 : HYPERLEDA. II. Catalogue of homogenized HI data (Paturel+, 2003)).

Once decompressed and installed in C2A, the catalogue occupies 38.5 MB of disc space.

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