ArasBeAM Catalogue

The aim of the ArasBeAM is to coordinate spectroscopic observations of Be stars by amateurs in order to achieve the best possible coverage. This catalogue can be accessed through the Dynamic Catalogues dialog box.

The Be stars in the ArasBeAM catalogue are displayed with the following colour code (except when a contrasting stars display is requested, in which case only a colour contrast is used) which defines observational priority:

The identification of  a Be star provides all the information present in the ArasBeAM database, that is to say: the date and time of the last observation, the priority, the period of observation, the magnitude, the name of the object and the HD number.

When you highlight ArasBeAM objects on the map (see above), dark grey is used for the disc which frames the star if the magnitude filter is being ignored and if the star has a magnitude which would normally be filtered. Otherwise, a lighter grey is used. Note that the discs representing the stars are much bigger for this type of object to make them stand out on the maps.

See the section Dynamic Catalogues to see how to use the ArasBeAM catalogue.

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