Meteor Shower Catalogue

C2A is able to read over Internet the IAU Metor Shower Catalogue. Details about this catalogue can be found on the IAU Web site: Meteor Data Center. C2A actually loads the database which is provided on:

Objects from this catalogue are displayed in the maps under the form of small blue targets. If objects are contrasted (using the Dynamic Catalogue dialog box), then the targets are partially filled with the red color in order to make the objects more visible in the maps.

When an object from the Meteor Shower catalogue is identified, the following information is displayed: right ascension and declination of the meteor shower radiant, activity type (usually annual), status of the meteor shower (for instance confirmed or under evaluation), solar longitude at peak of shower (degrees, epoch J2000), date and time of the activity peak, geocentric speed (km/s) before acceleration by Earth's gravity, name of the ârent body, detailed name of the meteor shower, radiant drift in right ascension and declination per day (in degrees) if it is known.

This catalogue can be accessed through the Dynamic Catalogues dialog box.

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