How do you Display the Visibility Curve of an Object?

C2A lets you quickly visualise the height of an object above the horizon throughout a day. To achieve this a curve is displayed which plots the height of the celestial body as a function of the hour of the day. This curve allows you to judge if an object will be easily visible during the night. Also, this tool lets you display visibility curves of the Moon (with its phase), the Sun and the planets on the same graphic.

This objects visibility window can be called either through the object information dialogue box (which appears when you double-click an object) by clicking the Visibility button, or through the contextual menu which appears when you select an object with the right mouse button (just by selecting the Visibility command). The later method must be used when the Control Panel is displayed in the main screen.

The Visibility of objects section describes precisely all the components of the visibility curves display window.

Note that C2A includes a specific tool to display the visibility of all the planets and the moon in a single view (see the section Planet Visibility).

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