How do you Define a Field?

If you know the coordinates field you wish to display (the right ascension and declination of the centre of the field), just use the Field… command in the Edit menu. Then in the Field definition dialogue box, enter the following information:

-        the right ascension and declination of the centre of the field,

-        the width of the field in degrees,

-        The height of the field in degrees (the field height is not available if you have requested a square field display by using the square field option in the Options dialogue box, Field tab).

Note that these entry fields are directly available in the Control Panel in the main screen if you have requested to display it.

If you know the name of an object that you wish to place in the centre of the field, just use the Find an object dialogue box or the quick search zone in the Control Panel if it is displayed. You can display this dialogue box by using the Find… command in the Edit menu (you can also call it directly with F2).

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